Rapper Rolling Ray Threatens to Run Over 50 Cent for Mocking Megan Thee Stallion

It all starts after the 'In Da Club' hitmaker shares on his Instagram account a meme depicting the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker running away from Tory Lanez.

AceShowbiz - Rolling Ray makes it clear he does not appreciate what 50 Cent said about the recent incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. The musical artist apparently hates it so much he has vowed to injure the "In Da Club" rapper if he ever meets him in real life.

It all started when Fiddy shared on his Instagram account a meme mocking Megan and Tory Lanez's incident. In the photo, the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper's face was pasted on a fat man's body to make it look like she was running away from the singer, who was depicted sitting in a car as he looked at Megan from afar. "Run Ricky Run," the "Candy" rapper said in the caption of the post. "WTF is really going on?"

He deleted the post afterwards, but many people have already re-shared it online and thus, he was being criticized almost right away. "That's not funny. He better pray no one he loves gets shot or himself again smh," one commented. "He's not even funny, just miserable," someone else echoed while another person said, "Tasteless and childish now if someone slap his girl behind his antics he'd be mad."

Ray was among those who didn't find the joke funny and just like many other people, he also expressed his disagreement online. Taking to Twitter, the star said, "Imma run @50cent over when I catch him because he thinks everything funny."

He didn't stop there. Later on, he made use of his Instagram account to double down on his comment. In a video he shared on the photo-sharing platform, Ray said while swiping his imaginary bangs, "I don't understand why 50 Cent thought it was okay to laugh and mock Megan Thee Stallion." He added, "When I catch you, I'mma make sure I put my wheels on your foot. Cus it's nuffin…"

Fiddy has yet to respond to this so far.

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