Rolling Ray's BF Assures He's 'Fine' Despite Concerns Over His Instagram Absence Since COVID Battle

Hopping on Instagram Live, Roland insists that 'everything is alright' and tells the social media personality's followers to stop believing rumors about his health issue.

AceShowbiz - Rolling Ray's boyfriend has given a quick update on the social media personality's condition amid his weeks-long absence from Instagram. Making use of his own social media account, Roland tried to put an end to rumors about Rolling's health.

On Sunday, March 20, Roland hopped on Instagram Live to tell Rolling's fans and followers that he is "fine." While initially being reluctant to speak on behalf of his boyfriend because "it's not my place to go around and tell my boyfriend's s**t," he then assured everyone, "He's fine."

Roland added, "Y'all got me worried. Stop y'all. Everything is alright. For real. Y'all got me worried now. Y'all got me worried about y'all." He went on asking people to not believe the unconfirmed reports, imploring, "Don't do it y'all. Don't believe wild things like that."

Despite Roland's statement, many were still not convinced that Rolling is okay considering the lack of updates on his social media pages in the last few weeks. "It's strange when a person who is always online and is known for being on social media even when they are ill. To suddenly just disappear," one person pointed out.

Another doubtful person asked, "Someone go check on him… we don's t know if this is true." Another demanded an explanation, "Well where is he then," while someone else said, "Good to know he's s okay but we were just asking because the last time we heard from him he was in the hospital with covid."

Rolling revealed in early January that he was fighting COVID-19. Sharing a video from the hospital, he wrote, "COVID Almost took me out, I gotta stay for 2 Weeks' my immune system isn't strong enough to fight it by myself. I tried. If I missed your phone calls , DM's I'll respond when time heals me but it's not looking too good."

Rolling has not posted anything since then, prompting Cardi B to worry about him. Taking to Twitter in February, the Bronx femcee inquired about his whereabouts as writing, "Where Rolling Ray at? I miss him."

There was no response either from Rolling or his team at the time.

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