Tory Lanez Investigated for Assault With Deadly Weapon as Megan Thee Stallion Feeling 'Unprotected'

LAPD reportedly believes the 'Quarantine Radio' host attacked the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker, while the raptress takes to Twitter to blast people for making jokes about the shooting incident.

AceShowbiz - LAPD has upgraded the investigation into the shooting incident involving Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion. The "Say It" emcee is reportedly being investigated for possible assault with a deadly weapon as police believe that he attacked Megan and pulled the trigger.

Tory was initially was arrested and booked for possession of a concealed weapon after he was pulled over on early Sunday morning, July 12. Upon searching, cops found a handgun in his car. TMZ notes that the 27-year-old singer/record producer has not been named a suspect, but "cops are lasered in on him."

Sources close to Tory reveal that the star will likely claim that the shooting was accidental. The fact that police are investigating it as assault with a deadly weapon as opposed to attempted homicide suggests that they believe it was accidental.

As it was reported before, witnesses refuse to cooperate in the investigation, which could make it difficult to prosecute Tory. A spokesperson for the LAPD previously said, "At the time Megan Thee [Stallion] was with police she did not report that she was the victim of any crime. And the LAPD has not received any additional information at this time."

Meanwhile, Shekinah, who has had a history of feuding with Tory, claimed that it's not the first time for him to be accused of abusing woman. During an Instagram Live session on Friday, July 17, the celebrity hairstylisy/reality TV star said, "I don't wanna hear that s**t 'bout no real story. Y'all already knew something was wrong with that boy. Women been talkin' about he been beatin' they a** and y'all overlooked that s**t."

"That's what I don't understand about y'all fake a** people in the world. That girl been came out and said Tory Lanez whooped her a** and none of y'all didn't wanna pay that s**t no attention," she added of Tory's alleged victim.

Megan herself has released another statement following the shooting incident. "Black women are so unprotected & we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others w/o considering our own," she tweeted on Friday.

She also called out people who are poking fun at the incident that has left her feeling "hurt" and "traumatized." She added, "It might be funny to y'all on the internet and just another messy topic for you to talk about but this is my real life and I'm real life hurt and traumatized."

Megan suffered gunshot wounds in the accident, which started as an altercation at a party. Tory allegedly pulled the trigger when Megan attempted to leave the car. She was taken to hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. She has unfollowed Tory on Instagram after the shooting incident.

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