Erykah Badu Pokes Fun at Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Entanglement' With New Vagina-Scented Aromas

The 'Bag Lady' songstress is called petty for naming her new series of incense aromas based on Jada and August Alsina's affair scandal, after bragging about her 'midas' vagina.

AceShowbiz - Erykah Badu is taking trolling to the next level. While many celebrities have mocked Will Smith over his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's confession of affair with August Alsina, the R&B singer is quick to capitalize on it with her new vagina-scented aromas.

The new series of incense aromas is called "Entanglement", which likely borrows from the "Matrix" star's choice of word to describe her relationship with her former side guy. As if it's not petty enough, she plans to release it in August, which is a clear reference to the 27-year-old singer's name.

"BADU P***Y ii : ENTANGLEMENT .. cause you deserve it! Choose your flavor," she wrote on Instagram, adding, "5 new aromas to wake up any room. All Thru August." She promoted the new aromas in another post which caption read, "5 new aromas .. coming in July ..don't forget about August. BaduWorldMarket."

But instead of praising her for her smart business mind, people think Erykah should not try to make a profit from someone else's suffering. "Corny asf," one blasted the "Didn't Cha Know?" songstress. "Petty," another called her out.

Prior to announcing the new series of her vagina-scented aromas, Erykah clapped back at memes comparing her lady parts to that of Jada's. Objecting to the memes, she bragged about her "midas" vagina.

"How I get in it?" she responded to the memes. "I got Midas p***y. My p***y give you 3 wishes. My p***y put you on the Forbes list. My p***y is the fountain of youth. My p***y sold out in 9 minutes. My p***y cure ailments. My p***y Bk on sale FRIDAY!!" Hitting back at the Internet trolls, she insisted, "Y'all trippin," before sharing a link to her online clothing store, Badu World Market, "Google me. Ho."

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