Drake's Plane Seen in Barbados - Is He Hanging Out With Rihanna?

The 'Toosie Slide' hitmaker's customized private jet is pictured landing in the 'Umbrella' songstress' home country, sparking rumors that the two stars may reunite there.

AceShowbiz - Drake is linked to Rihanna yet again. The "Hotline Bling" hitmaker and the "We Found Love" songstress are rumored to have a rendezvous in Barbados after the Canadian superstar's plane was seen arriving in her home country over the weekend.

The 33-year-old rapper/singer's private jet, a modified Boeing 767 cargo plane, reportedly landed on Sunday morning, July 12 at 10 A.M. and it couldn't go unnoticed as the plane features the OVO owl symbol as well as the monicker "Air Drake". As pictures of the jet surfaced online, people are speculating if Drizzy visited the country to meet Rih and have some sort or reunion there.

"we been saying for months that Rihanna and Drake are back on but Navy wanting so bad to believe Rihanna has grown and doesnt want anything to do with her ex.she even broke Drake's new relationship with Iman cause she wanted Dreezy so bad," one person wrote on an online forum. "Drake is in her home Country as we speak."

Excited at the possibility of the exes rekindling their romance, another enthused, "they really could've been another a power couple or something lol." Someone else disagreed though, writing, "Gurl what kind of power couple u talkin bout when he sticks his d**k in anything that moves? Rihanna can do better."

A fourth commenter wasn't impressed that Rihanna seemingly loves to revisit old relationships. "When rih is hurt she revisits old relationships for comfort. She has done this in the past several times...," the said person remarked. "I used to think she dumped and picked up drake whenever she liked but realised it's actually the opposite that's why she keeps going back...thought she had grown out of the whole tragic love nonsense."

Some others, meanwhile, are not convinced that Drake and Rihanna are even in Barbados at the same time. "Rih is not in Barbados...so this is a reach," one person wrote. Another questioned, "Are they sure he is there."

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