Erykah Badu Changes Her Views on Beyonce's 'Cowboy Carter'

After throwing subliminal at Beyonce Knowles in previous posts, the Queen of Neo Soul has since turned into Bey's supporter following the release of her country-influenced album.

AceShowbiz - Initially, Erykah Badu expressed reservations about Beyonce Knowles' "Cowboy Carter" album, notably its deluxe edition cover art, which she found unoriginal, specifically the homage to her signature beaded bangs. She captioned a repost of the artwork on Instagram with a curt "Hmmm."

However, Badu has since had a change of heart. In an Instagram Live session, she acknowledged her recent uncharacteristic behavior and attributed it to astrological influences. She stated, "Stomach feels bloated. The moon got me feeling guilty, stressed all out. I don’t know why."

Days later, Badu shifted her tone and heaped praise upon "Cowboy Carter" and Beyonce. She reposted a graphic showcasing the album's record-breaking success, including its Amazon Music debut and streaming achievements for a country album by a female artist. Badu enthusiastically exclaimed, "GET EM."

The reasons behind Badu's initial criticism and subsequent reversal remain unclear. However, she has demonstrated a willingness to put aside her differences and acknowledge the album's merits. The industry remains interested in her opinions and eagerly awaits her further commentary on the music.

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