Tamar Braxton Blasts Usher for Dubbing Nicki Minaj a Product of Lil' Kim

Usher made the controversial remark during an Instagram Live chat with Swizz Beatz on Sunday, May 17 where they talked about how many people were wanting to have Lil' Kim in a few 'Verzuz' battles.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Usher doesn't only anger Nicki Minaj's fans when he said that the "Anaconda" rapper is "a product" of Lil' Kim. Tamar Braxton recently weighed in on the matter, heavily disagreeing with the "Yeah!" hitmaker.

"I think of them as two different entities," Tamar told Madison Hinton in a virtual interview. "I don't give a damn, what come, what may, Lil' Kim did not give Nicki Minaj her talent. So, therefore, who are you to take Nicki Minaj talents away from her?"

She went on passionately saying, "You can't get too involved in the Barbz and the Queen Bees, I don't know the stans, but you can't get too involved with it because that's not fair."

Tamar also noted, "You can't do that. Am I right? Period, Period. They are both amazing female emcees. They paved the way for all of these emcees--female emcees--out here and all of them to make money. You cannot discredit people."

She, however, clarified that it didn't change her personal sentiments to Usher. "What I disagree is that the artist stuck to each other. I said what I said stillī¸ I still love Usher tho," she said.

Usher made the controversial remark during an Instagram Live chat with Swizz Beatz on Sunday, May 17. They brought up a few "Verzuz" battles involving Lil' Kim that fans want a lot with Swizz saying to the R&B singer, "I see a lot of, Lil' Kim versus Foxy Brown. Then I see a lot of - Lil' Kim versus Nicki? I see a lot of that." However, Usher didn't think the latter was possible because "Nicki is a product of Kim."

His remark quickly gained reactions from social media users as Swizz alerted Usher, "You already trending on Twitter right now, by the way." He went on enthusing, "This is the 'Verzuz' effect, king. I see you trending on Twitter! This is special, this is fun."

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