Barbz Mad at Usher for Calling Nicki Minaj a 'Product' of Lil' Kim

The 'U Got It Bad' rapper inadvertently shades the 'Anaconda' hitmaker while weighing on potential 'Verzuz' battle between Nicki and Kim during an Instagram Live chat with Swizz Beatz.

AceShowbiz - Usher has incurred the wrath of Barbz. The R&B singer inadvertently threw shade at Nicki Minaj during an Instagram Live chat with Swizz Beatz while talking about potential "Verzuz" battles fans are begging for.

During their discussion on Sunday, May 17, they brought up a few "Verzuz" battles involving Lil' Kim that fans want a lot. "I see a lot of, Lil' Kim versus Foxy Brown. Then I see a lot of - Lil' Kim versus Nicki? I see a lot of that," Swizz said to Usher.

Usher thinks the latter battle is impossible, saying, "Nah, Nicki is a product of Kim." His remark quickly gained reactions from social media users as Swizz alerted the "Yeah!" hitmaker, "You already trending on Twitter right now, by the way." He went on enthusing, "This is the Verzuz effect, king. I see you trending on Twitter! This is special, this is fun."

Usher didn't further explain his comment, but considering his history with Nicki, he might not mean to disrespect her. He teamed up with the Harajuku Barbie on 2010's "Lil' Freak", while he also worked with Kim when she appeared on his song "Just Like Me".

This didn't stop people from commenting on Usher's claim about Nicki being a "product" of Kim. Agreeing with the awards-winning singer, one commented, "Of course she's the product, Kim is the blue print." An Instagram user reminded others, "Y'all are really dumb to think she's not ... she's said it herself many times Kim influenced her and opened doors that allowed her to be the super star she is today."

While acknowledging that Nicki was influenced by Kim, a third person thinks that the Trinidad and Tobago-born femcee has grown beyond that. "I mean she has always showed Kim love as she should Kim paved the way I'll never take that from her....but let's be real Nick has surpassed being 'a product of lil Kim' I know y'all Dont wanna hear the TRUTH.....I just wished Nick and Kim would squash whatever it is and make a hit together," the said user wrote.

Another similarly said of the "Starships" raptress, "Nicki has surpassed lil Kim in every which way possible .. Nicki also gave usher some on her hottest versus on his song .. they always discrediting her."

Some others slammed Usher for making such disrespectful comment about Nicki. "She wasn't a product when he asked for a feature," one said of Justin Bieber's mentor. Another who disagreed with Usher commented, "Nicki Minaj is in her own lane! Give her her damn respect. Y'all stuck on these color wigs... and that lollipop picture... Kim cool but Nicki pen game is unmatched!!"

Also not having Usher's comment, someone else clapped back, "HOW THO?! Nicki music isn't comparable to Kim's at all. Their music style is different and y'all know it. A few wings and appearances don't mean nothing. And if we gone talk about 'product' Bc of style then let's talk about how kim is a product of Cher and Madonna."

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