Rick Ross Gets Called Out for Trolling Baby Mama After DNA Test Proves He's Father of Her Two Kids

The Maybach Music Group founder is accused of disrespecting Briana Camille after he pokes fun at the results of DNA test that confirms he fathered her two children.

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross' fans are not amused with the way he responded to news that he's father of Briana Camille's two children. After the DNA test results confirmed the paternity of his ex-girlfriend's kids, the rapper took to Instagram to poke fun at the news.

While it has been reported that Briana is taking legal action to establish the paternity of her children, Rozay flipped the script, joking as if he's the one chasing his baby mama to take the DNA test. "I can't believe Fat Girl took the blood test, damn, they said she damn near fell running away from them people when they came to make her take the blood test," he said in a short clip posted on Monday, May 18.

He added in the video, "She took it, and I's the daddy, and I's the papi." The Boss wrote over the video, "Took it months after you request," and called Briana his "surrogate" in the caption as writing, "Eyez dat baby papi!! My surrogate always delivers!!! Big Thank you #Fatgirl."

Rozay's video quickly garnered reactions from his followers, with many calling him out for disrespecting his baby mama. "Wow.... total disrespect," one user commented on the post. Another also slammed him, "Never disrespect the mother of your child(ren)! This is low."

A third unimpressed fan wrote, "Damn Ross, I ain't think you was THIS corny." Also disappointed by his response, someone said, "This lame Ross thought bigger of you." A fifth person added, "Ross this is .... you don't usually respond to s**t like this smh."

Some others urged him to act more classy for the sake of his children. "Don't do this babe!! Take the high road for your children," one of his fans advised him. Someone else commented, "This is embarrassing for a man to act this way! Big time goofy."

There were a few, however, who got Rozay's jokes. "Ross we and you knew those was your kids lol," someone reacted to the video. Another simply wrote, "Lmaooo," while one others remarked, "Andd Eyez da Papi , that tickled me to death."

Briana sued Rozay earlier this year after he allegedly kicked her and her two children out of his house when they abruptly split at the end of last year. The social media star, who is currently pregnant with their child together due in the fall, claimed that the record executive hasn't financially supported their children since she left his house, with Rozay arguing that there had not been a DNA test to prove he's the father of her two kids.

Now that the results have come out, Briana is demanding that the 44-year-old star provide child support immediately. She is asking the judge for a hearing as soon as possible for temporary child support, as well as reimbursement on recent expenses for their children's care.

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