Brandon Flowers Bans His Kids From Listening to Morrissey's Songs Due to His Racist Views

The Killers frontman, who's also The Smiths superfan, says he won't encourage his children to listen to Morrissey's music because of the latter's support for far-right groups.

AceShowbiz - The Smiths superfan Brandon Flowers won't play Morrissey's music to his kids due to the singer's allegedly racist views.

The Killers frontman is such a huge Smiths fan he once kept a cup Morrissey drank from in a cafe, and invited their former guitarist Johnny Marr on stage to perform with him at Glastonbury last year 2019.

However, although he still listens to The Smiths due to his admiration for Marr, Brandon doesn't plan to convince his three kids, aged between nine and 12, to share his obsession due to the "Panic" singer's support for far-right groups.

"I don't think Marr should be held back because of Morrissey, so I don't regret it," he tells British newspaper The Times of his The Smiths fandom. "It is difficult to separate it (the band) from him, and I'm not going around playing the music in front of my kids."

However, he says that if the band's songs did pop up on the radio, he'd still listen.

"If What She Said came on the radio (when I was) with my kids, I wouldn't change it," the American rocker adds. "It's still an amazing song, so I'm not that serious, where I would change the station. I don't agree with him, but I'm not going to burn my CDs by The Smiths or anything."

Flowers previously said he still regarded Morrissey as "a king" because of his musical achievements, but confessed to having forgotten about the controversy over his comments supporting the far-right For Britain party and other comments on race.

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