The Killers

  • The Killers
    • Famous as : Alternative rock band
    • Birth Name : -
    • Birth Date : 2002
    • Birth Place : Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Album "Hot Fuss" (2004)

The Killers Biography

While most American bands follow the mainstream by setting up love themes in their songs as well as going to Los Angeles to build their career, The Killers has made its own ways to the walk of fame. The members' persistence to stay in Las Vegas and their exploration on weird issues, like paranoia, jealousy, ambition, even homoerotic themes, are indeed challenging, yet have proven to lead the band into an incredible accomplishment. "I've always had this thing about it not really mattering where you 're from," commented Brian Flowers, the vocalist and keyboardist of the band, "because there's always been this big cloud over America saying you have to live in L.A or you have to live in New York to make it. I always knew it didn't matter as long as you had the songs."

It was all started when Brian quitted his previous band, "Blush Response" in 2001. Later he noticed a small advertisement posted by David Keuning, the future guitarist of the band, in the local newspaper "The Las Vegas Weekly," in order to look for a vocalist and set up a band. Apparently, these two young people felt a click towards each other as David recalled, "He came over with his keyboard and we started going through song ideas straight away. I had the verse to "Mr Brightside" and he went away and wrote the chorus." Through many auditions, both of them finally found Mark Stoermer as the bassist and Ronnie Vannucci Jr as the drummer. By the end of 2002, they all agreed to name the band as "The Killers" upon watching "New Order" performed in the fictitious band called "The Killers" in one of their music videos. "It gave me the ambition that our actual band should be as perfect as their fictional band," said Brian.

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