Adrienne Bailon and Husband Trying for a Baby 'Very Seriously' During Quarantine

'The Real' host assures in an episode of the show that she has everything under control as saying, 'I have somewhat of a control problem, but I have absolutely thought about it.'

AceShowbiz - From trying a new hobby and working for home, people all around the world have been doing all kind of things to keep themselves from getting bored during this quarantine. Adrienne Bailon is among those people, though she has different kind of activity that nobody probably would have never thought of. In the latest episode of "The Real", she revealed that she is trying to get pregnant.

During the episode, she told her co-hosts, "Ya'll let me let you know, we are -- pause -- hard at work to make it happen. That just sounded crazy coming out of my mouth. But yes, you guys, I'm taking this quarantine thing very seriously." Adrienne then went on revealing that she had ordered pregnancy tests and ovulation sticks online to get pregnant.

However, given the pandemic that has been going on for months now, it's only natural that some people are worried about the health care. Adrienne assured that she has everything under control, though. "So literally trust me, I've thought all about this, you guys know I like to plan ahead, and I have somewhat of a control problem, but I have absolutely thought about it," she said, adding that she has been considering to give birth at home.

"I've thought about giving birth in a tub, how I would possibly get a mid-wife -- have them tested…," she went on saying, before admitting that she does feel a bit afraid at the thought of giving birth during this time. However, "if God allows me to get pregnant during this time, then it's in his will," so Adrienne said.

Should their effort come to fruition, this will be Adrienne's first child with her husband Israel Houghton, whom she married in 2016. Israel himself is already a father to four children from a previous relationship.

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