Kiely Williams Has Friendly Reunion With Raven-Symone, Talks About Adrienne Bailon Beef

Now that they have squashed their beef, Raven shares a suggestion during an Instagram Live for Kiely to work on her relationship with their other former teammate Adrienne.

AceShowbiz - Kiely Williams and Raven-Symone appeared to be set aside their differences. The former The Cheetah Girls members reunited for a friendly Instagram Live on Thursday, April 9.

The two kicked off by asking how they're doing latety before they touched their messy history. "I just never felt that way about you. I just never felt like you were that kind of person, you're not messy," Kiely told Raven. "I know you called me messy. ... I don't try to be. I promise!"

Raven responded, "It's okay. You know what, I don't even have a problem with that. I've put myself in places with people that are all kinds of different ways and you have to appreciate them for what it is. Because of you, I get to, like, talk to you and heal a wound from that time when we were younger. I probably wouldn't get to do it if I didn't understand that you, you know, you like to shake things up." Kiely agreed, calling herself a "fire starter."

Now that they have squashed their beef, Raven suggested Kiely to work on her relationship with their other former teammate Adrienne Bailon. "Why do I have to talk to Adrienne? No, she didn't come to my dad's funeral when he died. No," Kiely firmly rejected the suggestion.

"I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be messy, I'm being for real with you. No. I'm sorry," she added. "Come on. You can say what you want about me and how you felt me but you can't ever say that I didn't ride for Adrienne. ... I didn't do anything!"

Attempting to talk her out of mending her relationship, Raven said, "You didn't do anything and that's a horrible thing that happened if she did not show up to your dad's funeral with such a history. But stuff happens."

She went on telling Kiely how her best friend didn't invite her to her wedding despite meeting her husband through her. "But I still talk to her because the history that we have for one another is so thick, she knows a part of you that nobody else knows."

Kiely didn't give a definite answer to it, though she shared that she was glad that they talked again.

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