Keyshia Cole Reacts to O.T. Genasis' Viral Remix of Her Classic Single 'Love'
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The original singer of the 2006 love song is less than impressed with the rapper's version which sparked hilarious comments from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and Kehlani.

AceShowbiz - Keyshia Cole has heard of O.T. Genasis putting his own spin on her 2006 signature song "Love". The 38-year-old singer listened to the remix called "Never Knew" and didn't like it. "Not cool," she shared her thoughts on Twitter soon after the remix hit the internet.

The remix went viral for the wrong reason. Genasis, instead of doing what he did best i.e. rapping, sang off key throughout the song, making it look like a parody instead of a proper remix. It turned from a classic song into a completely unrecognizable one.

While re-tweeting messages that called out Genasis for ruining the song, Keyshia wrote in a follow-up tweet, "Some people be like, 'You should be happy you getting anything' type mentality. No. Thats not my vibe. I kno(w) what I deserve .. unapologetically."

She even threatened to block her friend, DJ Green Lantern, when he pretended to mimic Genasis' high note. "Cuuuuuuuuuuz...[skull emoji]," he wrote, to which she quickly replied, "Don't make me block u lantern," while adding a variety of emojis ranging from sad, angry, laughing, and crying faces.

Meanwhile, Genasis was called "KING OF RNB" on Instagram by Kehlani. Busta Rhymes gushed, "I F**KIN’ LOVE THIS KRAAZZZY F**KIN' GUY!!!" Jeremih commented, "Dats hard." The likes of Quavo, Jermaine Dupri, Snoop Dogg, and DaBaby also left similar comments.

Twitter had a field day over the remix as well. "OT Genasis is a fucking FOOL LMAOO," one commented. Another wrote, "It takes a brave man to do what O.T. Genasis did here without relying on auto tune. I also nominate him for the 2019 Prom King of R&B."

More similar comments: "O.T Genasis put his heart and soul on that track," "Been listening to that OT Genasis song all day. So violent, so beautiful... lol," "O.T Genasis is a cold n***a for this," and "OT Genasis silly a** got a bop with that one." Meanwhile, this person joked, "I be thinkin I sound like Keyshia when I sing Love but in reality I sound just like OT Genasis."

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