Jenelle Evans' Son Kaiser Pulls Out of Football Team After Backlash for Having David Eason as Coach

Expressing his frustration over the matter, David takes to his Facebook account to write, 'Kaiser is no longer on the football team thanks to all you haters and idiots who won't stop bombarding them.'

AceShowbiz - People apparently have yet to be able to forgive David Eason for his past action, so when the former reality TV star tried to do something positive, it only caused concern among public. The prove of that could be seen when he wanted to help out Jenelle Evans' son, Kaiser, and his football team by becoming one of the team's main coaches.

Jenelle shared the news on her Instagram account, posting a photo of her husband and Kaiser together in what appeared to be a field. Confessing to feeling "shocked, confused, but excited" when David told her what he wanted to do, the "Teen Mom 2" alum said, "Now David is one of Kaiser's main coaches along with the rest of the boys on the team. Super happy they can bond and have 'alone time' together. Kaiser is working very hard and ready to play his first game!"

In contrary to the husband and wife, many people were feeling the opposite, especially considering his dog-killing scandal that led to them losing temporary custody of all of their children. The backlash was apparently too much to the point where Jenelle and David decided to remove her son from the football team.

Expressing his frustration of his Facebook account, David wrote, "Kaiser is no longer on the football team thanks to all you haters and idiots who won't stop bombarding them. Good job a**holes!"

It looks like most of his followers didn't feel sympathetic over what happened, with many pointing out that there are "consequences to the actions you have made." In response to this, David wrote back, "What actions Mary? Because I have a domestic violence charge from having a verbal argument? None of you people don't know anything about me."

"You do realize it's your actions that have caused this though, right? Like, if you weren't the person you've portrayed yourself as then there would be no issue," another comment read. "Take this is as an opportunity to grow and try to be better. It's not the 'a**holes' fault that you've made bad choices that lead people to believe you shouldn't be coaching children."

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