While the Vince Neil-fronted rock band doubts they will be inducted to the museum, a 'Voice Your Choice' poll unravels that they outshine Blink-182 and Iron Maiden as next year's top pick.

AceShowbiz - Motley Crue are beginning to look like a lock for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2020 after leading a fan vote at the museum.

The rockers lead Iron Maiden, Blink-182, Dave Matthews Band and Weezer as the top pick for induction next year.

The news comes months after Nikki Sixx revealed his group was once told by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame officials that it would never be inducted because of the way he and his bandmates conducted themselves during their heyday.

The group's drug-fuelled wild times are chronicled in new Netflix movie "The Dirt".

The bassist said he would probably decline the induction because he thinks bosses at the Hall of Fame have "lost touch with art, songwriting craft, lyrics and influential music".

Asked about a Hall of Fame invite, drummer Tommy Lee told Rolling Stone, "I do give a s**t about it, because it's a time-stamp, it's the acknowledgement of your peers and fans and the music industry, but then again, there's a part of me that goes, 'If we don't (get in), that's f**king cool, too!'"

"In my heart, I know that we came, we saw, we kicked its f**king a**. I don't need a pat on the back, or an induction, or another platinum album or two. Maybe I'm just not good with compliments."

Meanwhile frontman Vince Neil fears the band won't be inducted until after all the members are dead: "Our grandkids will probably have to pick up the awards."

This year's Hall of Fame class featured The Cure, Def Leppard, Roxy Music, and Stevie Nicks, who became the first female to be inducted twice.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Voice Your Choice Poll

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