Ryan Gosling, Felicity Jones, Emma Stone and More Read Oscars Edition of 'Mean Tweets'

Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tilda Swinton and Robert De Niro are among celebrities who read mean tweets about themselves.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Kimmel brought one of his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" segments, "Mean Tweets", to the Oscars. Some of Hollywood stars were seen reading horrible tweets about themselves in a clip, which was aired during the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Among celebrities who read the tweets were Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Chastain and more.

"Oh, look at me... I'm Ryan Gosling, I have a perfect bone structure and kind eyes. Go f**k yourself Ryan Gosling," the "La La Land" star read. Another Twitter user wrote, "Samuel L. Jackson has resting fart face..." Showing a deadpan expression, Jackson said, "I do."

One user said, "Are we all just ignoring the fact that Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have the same face?" Meanwhile, someone said, "Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like he's getting a 1996 NBC sitcom with his haircut." Miranda couldn't stop laughing after he read the tweet.

"Casey Affleck is the real life version of Billy Bob Thornton's character in 'Sling Blade'," read "Manchester by the Sea" actor, giggling. "Emma Stone looks like a crack whore in every role she plays," read the actress, showing her bitter face and said, "Okay."

Another user attached a picture of a white puppy and captioned it, "Now's probably a good time to remind everyone about this dog that looks like Tilda Swinton." Someone wrote, "Robert De Niro is too old to be making gangsta movies still... dude needs to start playing grandfather roles or something." In response to the tweet, the actor said, "Yeah I am playing grandfather roles.. And pretty soon I'll be playing a great grandfather roles," and added, "F**k you!"

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