Jimmy Kimmel Debuts 'Movie: The Movie' Trailer at Post-Oscars Show

In addition to screening a promo for the faux film which includes every genre, plotline and star, Kimmel also pokes fun at this year's Academy Award winners namely 'The Artist' and 'The Help'.

AceShowbiz - Contributing to the Oscars buzz, Jimmy Kimmel has hosted a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" special on Sunday, February 26 right after the 84th annual Academy Awards was held. One of the anticipated segments was the premiere of a trailer for "Movie: The Movie", which tries to put every genre, plot line and star in one work.

Among the hilarious scenes is the one featuring Edward Norton sharing a kiss with Josh Brolin, who acts as the President of the United States. It also sees Colin Farrell giving a high five to a "dog who plays sports", Gary Oldman portraying a Centaur, and Meryl Streep sporting a mustache.

The movie is described as a romantic action thriller comedy drama based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire with J.J. Abrams and Martin Scorsese as directors and Michael Bay as a producer. It is additionally said to feature a new original song by Steven Tyler.

Other notable stars credited in the fake movie are Christoph Waltz, George Clooney, Ryan Phillippe, Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner, Antonio Banderas, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Mirren and many others. Matt Damon is also featured as the Fruit of the Loom grape guy, but his part is said to be cut of the movie.

When commenting on some of the Oscar winners, Kimmel couldn't help making jokes out of them. "Pretty good for a movie that's black and white and silent," he said of "The Artist" before adding, "Which is just the way Kim Kardashian likes her men."

He went on poking fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger by using "The Help" which led Octavia Spencer to grab Best Supporting Actress kudo. "['The Help'] was one of only a few nominated films this year that were a hit with critics and at the box office. 'The Help' was so popular, Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to get it pregnant," he enthused.

The comedian also mentioned Eddie Murphy, who bailed out his hosting duty after Brett Ratner resigned as the producer. He said, "You know, originally Eddie Murphy was supposed to host the show until the Academy remembered he was in 'Norbit'."

Also on the post-Oscars special, Kimmel welcomed Oprah Winfrey as a guest. During a chat, the former daytime talk show queen opened up about suffering a wardrobe malfunction when she first came to the Academy Awards in 1986.

Calling it "one of the most horrible nights of my life," the owner of cable channel OWN began recalling, "I had used Dolly Parton's dressmaker. And he'd come over to [do] some fitting earlier in the day and then said, 'I need to take it back.' " She continued telling Kimmel, "When he brought it back, I didn't try it on. So when I went to put it on half an hour before going to the Oscars, it didn't fit."

"I couldn't get it up over my hips. So my hairdresser... had to lay me on the floor and push my butt down and zip and so I rode to the Oscars, really no exaggeration, planked in the back of a limousine," Winfrey went on revealing. "And I had this really heavy beaded collar, so when I sat back, the collar choked me, so I sat the whole night holding on to the collar. And I was praying for someone else to win... 'Cause I knew I couldn't get out of the chair."

During her visit to the late-night show, Winfrey also admitted that she still wants to act again. "Acting is the time where I feel the freest. I feel like I get to let go of myself. I get to take on another character and it really does feel like a vacation for me," she explained.

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