U2 and Taylor Swift Have Biggest-Grossing Tours of 2011

U2 and Taylor Swift Have Biggest-Grossing Tours of 2011

The Bono-fronted band rule both lists of the world and U.S top-grossing tours of the year, while the 'Speak Now' hitmaker scores the second-biggest seller in the States.
Who have the most successful world tour this year? Twelve months ago, it were the guys from Bon Jovi who scored the feat, but now they have to give the title back to its 2009 champion, U2. Although the Bono-fronted band didn't release an album this year, they still got a lot of cash by pocketing a final global gross of $231.9 million from their 360 tour.

Through the extended leg of the traveling show which was launched in 2007 to promote their twelfth studio album "No Line on the Horizon", The Edge and his bandmates earned the huge bucks from a total of 2.3 million tickets sold at an average price of $97.15 each. Per show, the group sold around 91,000 tickets, according to Pollstar.

Jon Bon Jovi and his band, meanwhile, have to settle at No. 3. After collecting a whopping $201.1 million last year, they dropped their tour earning to $148.8 million during the past twelve months traveling across the globe for "The Circle" promo. They are overshadowed by Take That who raked in $224 million with their reunion jaunt with Robbie Williams.

Taylor Swift and Roger Waters round up the top 5 of this year's list. The American country music crooner, who went big with her "Speak Now" tour, bagged a grand total of $104.2 million globally. She's followed closely by the former member of Pink Floyd who got an estimated $103.6 million with his lengthy "The Wall Live" gig.

In the United States, the guys from U2 are also the kings of the tour with $156 million. They are followed by two country music artists Swift and Kenny Chesney who occupy the second and third place respectively. The former took in around $97.7 million, while the latter netted an estimated $84.6 million through the U.S. road promo of "Hemingway's Whiskey".

Lady GaGa and Bon Jovi close the top 5 list in a respective order. The Mother Monster, who's ranked the fourteenth in the world list, collected around $63.7 million worth of tickets from at least 39 of her "Monster Ball" concerts around the States. The New Jersey band, meanwhile, garnered $57.1 million from their 34 shows.

Top World Tours of 2011:
  1. U2 - $ 231.9 million
  2. Take That - $224 million
  3. Bon Jovi - $148.8 million
  4. Taylor Swift - $104.2 million
  5. Roger Waters - $103.6 million
  6. Elton John - $102.7 million
  7. Rihanna - $90 million
  8. Kenny Chesney - $84.6 million
  9. Sade - $83.3 million
  10. Paul McCartney - $72.9 million
Top U.S. Tours of 2011:
  1. U2 - $156 million
  2. Taylor Swift - $97.7 million
  3. Kenny Chesney - $84.6 million
  4. Lady GaGa - $63.7 million
  5. Bon Jovi - $57.1 million
  6. Elton John - $51.8 million
  7. Sade - $48.6 million
  8. Kanye West and Jay-Z - $48.3 million
  9. Lil Wayne - $44.4 million
  10. Celine Dion - $41.2 million

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