Paris Hilton Biography

American model and actress Paris Whitney Hilton was born in New York on February 17, 1981, to a former actress Kathy Richards and a real estate mogul and Hotel Hilton empire heir Richard Hilton. Paris, that's how people usually call her, is the eldest of her three other siblings, Nicholai Olivia "Nicky Hilton," Barron Nicholas Hilton and Conrad Hughes Hilton. Born in a rich and educated family, she once attended school, though later on drooped out and didn't go to school ever since. She had ever briefly studied at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California and attended the Canterbury School, a boarding school in Connecticut, during her junior year before transferred to Dwight School in New York City, but was finally dropped out after few months there and got a GED.

From that time, Paris decided not to go to school anymore. Instead, she started to work as a fashion model for Catherine Malandrino and Marc Bouwer, and on an advertising campaign for Italian label Iceberg. As well, she also helped to design purses for Samantha Thavasa and Toys for Tots. As one of the Hotel Hilton empire heiress, Paris is well known for either her abundant wealth or her socialite, from which she inherits an 'extreme' attitude and habit. She is widely believed as a typical vacuity, narcissism, and a model of extreme promiscuity of American celebrity life that deserves to be crowned as a "messy prince." Moreover, this beautiful woman and 'flirt' had been romantically linked to many Hollywood famous males, including Leonardo DiCaprio; actor Edward Furlong; boxer Oscar De La Hoya; model Jason Shaw, with whom she ever engaged to in the year of 2001; Chicago Bears football player Brian Urlacher; singer Rob Mills; Deryck Whibley; and in December 2003 she dated Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, but split in July 2004. Besides, she was also issued to date the Australian player Mark Philippousissis, because of which she was accused for causing Mark to split from singer Delta Goodrem.

Despite such fact, Paris once in an interview with Rolling Stone, said that she did not receive much enjoyment from sex with them. This, obviously, shocked public worldwide and raised an assumption that she may be gay. What a coincidence when soon after the rumor came up, there existed a video featuring Paris in a lesbian sex romp with her friend Nicole Lenz, a Playboy Playmate. Apart, this beauty also received a lot of publication concerning numbers of incidents, mainly party antics where she often got involved in. What's more sensational was when the press reported she danced on the top of bar banquettes, worn shirts reading "Got Blow?" and at other times she even worn no top at all. Is that only a rumor or it means more??? Well, it seems that picture speaks lauder than words?! Aside from her personal life that successfully draws public attention, her movie career seems totally fail. The several movies Paris had starred in include "The Hillz" (2004), "Wonderland" (2003), and the big-screen adaptation of "The Cat In The Hat" (2003), all of which didn't gain any respect and awards at all. There's none of her films became as popular as her intriguing acts, nor did her dance-pop album she announced to record at the end of 2003 with the help of JC Chasez and his producer Rob Boldt.

Might be motivated by her failure in those movies, Paris decided to 'produce' her own unauthorized sex video with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. Just before she wanted to release her Fox reality television series "The Simple Life," originally broadcast in 2003, put together two young, wealthy urban socialites with the people and the values of a rural American farming community; public worldwide and the celebrity herself were shocked with the appearance of the sex video on the internet. An investigation followed had proven Rick Salomon as the one who leaked that "One Night in Paris" sex video onto the Internet, which DVD then released on June 9, 2004. A month after the incident, that was in July 2004, Paris lawsuit against Salomon was settled with her receiving of $400,000 and a percentage of the profits. That wasn't the end of the case since its original video and a rip of the DVD were still circulating on the Internet, for which in early 2005 Paris was reported "stealing" one of that sex video from a Los Angeles newsstand and threw her 80 cents change right on the newsstand employee face, made her being charged with theft and vandalism.

Had a cameo appearance in "Zoolander" (2000), appeared in the short QIK2JDG as a model, as well as having her pictures appeared in several magazines, including GQ, Vanity Fair and FHM, do not yet satisfy Paris who in 2004 released a book entitled "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose", bringing in it her full color photographs and her tips on the dos and don'ts of living as an heiress. Just like her many unsuccessful films, this book also got abundant critics, was claimed as amateurish and parodied by Robert Mundell on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

What a fortunate for this hotel heiress that Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office finally dropped the charges concerning the petty theft she did at Swing Newsstand in December 2004. The lack of convincing and sufficient evidences to the charges was the main reason for the D.A. to reject the case. Sad to say that bad luck was still preying on Paris as she once again was hit by a bad incident caused by a computer hacker who secretly broke into her mobile phone and published her personal photographs and celebrity-laden address book on the Internet, caused her to apologize her celebrity pals for causing troubles for them. And not so long after, the socialite was forced to confirm her steamy same-sex kiss with VJ Eglantina Zing. Nevertheless, those all couldn't prevent this beauty to come to Mexico to promote her new fragrance "Smells Like Flowers," book, and film projects.

Known to have been friends with Nicole Richie, her companion in "The Simple Life" for years, Paris suddenly made a statement on April 20, 2005 that she no longer got along with this daughter of veteran singer Lionel Richie. As neither of them showed any signs of reconciliation, people began to assume that "The Simple Life" had drawn near to its end. However, Paris apparently felt that this decision was wrong after several months and therefore intended to get Nicole back as her best friend. Reportedly wrote an apology letter to her, she made a confirmation that their show still continued its next season for both of them were slated to undergo the shooting process on November 1.

In May later that year Paris engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, whom she's been dating for five months. To celebrate their engagement, the couple held a barbecue for 75 friends and family at their Hollywood Hills home. Sad to say, the engagement didn't last long for in September that same year she publicly announced her split from her junior fiance. Not without reason but the Hollywood babe claimed to have yet ready for a marriage, saying "I feel I'm just not ready for marriage. I have seen the breakups between people who love each other and rush into getting married too quickly. I do not want to make that mistake." Despite their break up, Paris admitted to still love Latsis anyway and that they will continue to work together on business endeavors and have movies together in the works. "I'm still young and still have a very active career that I'm not prepared to give up. I have worked very hard to get to where I am. Paris is a great guy and we will handle this with dignity and respect."

Though, people kept questioning on the reason behind their break up. Day to day they became even more curious to know what was really happening between them. At last, they got the answer. The hotel heiress finally revealed implicitly during an interview with America's Extra TV reporter that the reason behind their break up was because Latsis has cheated on her during his bachelor party. Worse, a friend of her also verified that Paris yes revealed during a party in Los Angeles that Latsis has had an affair with another woman. It's all apparent to be true when she was asked by the TV reporter to give some advices to a man who wants to get married, saying "Be good to your girl, communicate and tell the truth. And don't cheat on her at your bachelor party." In related news, the beauty also denied to have a romantic relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen's ex-boyfriend, millionaire Stavros Niarchos III, saying "I'm single and loving it."

Becoming famous, in fact, never comes easy for Paris as she encountered trouble after another with the public statement released in October by actor Tom Sizemore who claimed they had shared an intimate evening together after a party at his home following the release of his DVD entitled "Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal." Strongly denied that statement even saying that she did not know him, she on the other hand was found out to have a picture posing with the man which was taken in 2001. Shortly thereafter, there was rumor on the street that brought Paris to once again become the talk of the town. It's none other than her break-up with Niarchos, whom she previously claimed to have nothing to do with. As if it has yet satisfying enough for her, she again created another sensation when it was reported that she and still estranged friend Nicole were back in the "Simple Life" business, producing the show's fourth season, entitled "The Simple Life: Till Death Do Us Part," which was set to begin in January 2006.

While kept making the gossip pages everyday with the many abuzz she created, like that of her dispute with Paris Latsis' ex-girlfriend, model and actress Zeta Graff, being granted restraining order as a result of her clash with party planner Brian Quintana, dealing with officials for hitting a parked car, and vow not to have sex for 12 months, Paris keeps living her celebrity life. Greater than ever, she started working on the studio to bring into life her debut solo album ever with help from the likes of Three 6 Mafia and Cathy Dennis among others. And beginning her raw music career, Paris did quite good as a beginner, writing the lyrics to seven of the songs in her forthcoming set. All in all, the long awaited music project finally was done, and titled "Paris" the album was released on August 22nd, 2006, only to receive positive reviews from influential sources despite the fact that it was being widely seen as a certified flop, sold a lackluster 75,000 copies in the United States in its first week out of the gate. All Music Guide, nevertheless, tend to claim it as "more fun than anything released by Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, and a lot fresher, too."

The first single from "Paris," simply called "Stars Are Blind," was released for download on June 20th the same year and was a success on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 18. This success, though obviously boosted the sales of the album, also on the other hand draw negative respond from British graffiti artist Banksy who tampered hundreds of the album with his own remixes by a musician identified simply as "DM." The artist reportedly has doctored 500 of the discs in 48 record stores across the U.K., including Virgin and HMV branches and independent shops. What's more, Banksy also changed the album sleeves with a topless body and replaced the head with a dog's head while at the same time also adding stickers to replace Paris' song names with his own titles, such as "Why Am I Famous?", "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?".

All in all Paris can never have too many in romance. After her many brief and on-off romances, the female made headlines in Hollywood after another when she reportedly dated Travis Barker, the former Blink-182 drummer, shortly as his relationship with wife Shanna Moakler was reported on the rocks. Though she repeatedly denied it, all signs were pointing to the twosome as couple for they had been spotted making out together in many occasions. This then led people to an assumption that she did have an affair with Barker which then resulted in his divorce to Moakler. While her relationship with the drummer made the gossip pages everyday, Paris again became talk of the town when she was spotted having dinner together with former best friend Nicole Richie. This obviously was a good indication that the socialites have ended their yearlong public feud. Well at least there's still something good about this celebrity. However, in March 2007, it was reported that Paris had lost interest in her musical career and therefore did not continue the contract with her label Warner Music.

After all the many antics, it was not until May 4, 2007 that the heiress experienced the lowest key of her life when Los Angeles Superior Court judge Michael T. Sauer sentenced her to 45 days in jail for violating her probation. Back in September 2006, she was arrested and charged with DUI with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 per cent, the minimum at which it is illegal to drive in California. Then having her driving license suspended in November, she was in January 2007 pleaded no contest to the alcohol-related reckless driving charge, thus was charged with 36 months probation and fined of about $1,500. Not learning her lesson, Paris was again involved in legal wrangling when on January 15th, she was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for driving on a suspended license and again on February 27th for driving 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, again with a suspended license. To make matter worse, she drove with her headlights off. And that's all there is, Paris must pay her bad deeds, spent her time behind bars for violating her probation. Initially planned to appeal the sentence, supported an online petition asking California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a pardon, she at last dropped her plans to appeal, checked in on the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood instead just after 11:30 p.m. June 3rd, hours after she enjoyed her time at the MTV Movie Awards.

Given the number 9818783, she had her sentence reduced to 23 days only, mainly due to her good behavior, which was apparent through her first day there, during which she was claimed "helpful and cooperative". Had a difficult time inside jail, lost her appetite while found it hard to sleep, Paris was released from the facility on June 7th for medical reasons, ordered to serve the rest of her sentence in home confinement, thus been fitted with an ankle bracelet which will be used to keep track of her whereabouts. Unfortunately, her freedom turned out to be short-lived as judge Michael T. Sauer ordered her to go behind bars again to serve the remaining of her 45-day sentence, claiming sheriff's decision to send her to home confinement as "unreasonable." It was not until June 26th that the heiress was released from jail, coming back home to spend her time with parents and siblings.

Post the jail, Paris made several more headlines sporting her new activities including the return in music scene. If previously she was reported losing interest in continuing her music career, Paris confirmed herself that she was taking vocal lessons and has been in the studio with producer Scott Storch to work on her sophomore album.