Paris Hilton Trivia
  1. Accidentally exposed her boobs while took the stage with a rendition of her song "Stars are Blind" at a party at The Estate night club in Boston on February 7, 2008, which was held to celebrate the release of her film, "The Hottie and the Nottie".

  2. Signed a two-years deal with Germany's Simba Toys by February 2008 to create a line of dolls based on her with she herself in hand choosing three glitzy outfits for the collections.

  3. Bared her top, posed provocatively in just Calvin Klein panties and a floppy black hat for the February 2008 cover of 944 Magazine.

  4. Appeared naked, clad only in gold paint while was seen crawling through the Mojave Desert for the ad of Rich Prosecco champagne (December 2007).

  5. Has, in an interview for the September 2006 issue of British GQ Magazine, vowed not to have sex for one year.

  6. Is among the 11 celebrities under 25 included in the list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Celebrities according to Forbes Magazine.

  7. Ranked 7th in Yahoo's annual list of The Most-Searched For Names on the Internet in 2005, 5th in 2006, and 3rd in 2007.

  8. Named The World's Worst Celebrity Dog Owner by The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog Magazines in December 2005 and was ranked 2nd the following year.

  9. Named Worst-Dressed Celebrity by fashion critic Mr. Blackwell in his 44th (2003), 46th (2005), and 48th (2007) annual Worst-Dressed Lists.

  10. Ranked 2nd in In Touch Weekly Magazine's Hollywood "Beach Bums" list in 2007.

  11. Was briefly arrested on Sept 7, 2006 on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of driving under the influence.

  12. A request to trademark the phrase "that's hot" was filled in 2004 as Paris plans to use it on T-shirts and other media.

  13. Launched a new watch line through Parlux International, the company that also manufactures and distributes her fragrance, in November 2007.

  14. Spent around $10,000 in August 2007 buying up baby clothes and accessories for BFF Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden's child.

  15. Launched her clothing line at Kitson boutique in Beverly Hills in August 2007.

  16. She recorded her sex video with Rick Salomon, which later appeared on the net, at age 19.

  17. Signed a licensing agreement with the Antebi Footwear Group to launch a signature footwear line under her own name, "Paris Hilton Footwear," which collection is inspired by her cutting edge style (August 2007).

  18. Sold her 1926 Spanish-style house in Hollywood Hills for a staggering $4.25 million (July 2007).

  19. Made her first post-jail interview with CNN's "Larry King" on June 27, 2007, unpaid.

  20. Fired her longtime publicist, Elliot Mintz, whom she considered as the one caused her to be sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation for an alcohol-related driving offence (May 2007).

  21. Once suffered a horseback riding accident during "The Simple Life 2" filming in 2004.

  22. Capla Kesting Fine Art used her nude corpse, called "The Paris Hilton Autopsy," as a Public Service Announcement (PSA), on display May 11, 2007 in Brooklyn, aimed at teenagers to encourage them not to drink and drive.

  23. Created a jewelry line "The Paris Hilton Collection" of necklaces, earrings, a charm bracelet, ankle bracelet and belly chain, all in sterling silver and pink crystal.

  24. Had her legs chosen as the 3rd Hollywood's Sexiest Legs according to a poll conducted by Life & Style magazine in March 2007.

  25. Chosen the 8th in In Touch magazine's list of Hollywood's Hottest Blondes in March 2007.

  26. Voted the 8th World's Most Eligible Bachelorette by FHM magazine in February 2007.

  27. Has been paid for $1 million to attend the traditional Vienna Opera Ball on February 15, 2007 as the guest of Viennese socialite and real estate entrepreneur Richard Lugner.

  28. Claimed the Big Outlaw prize at the "VH1 Big In '06 Awards", held December 3rd in Culver City, California for gaining the most celebrity notoriety.

  29. Voted the 6th celebrity to have the "Best Legs" in a poll conducted in November 2006 by Lambrini which was searching for the sexiest legs for a new fashion campaign with Pretty Polly.

  30. Chosen the 3rd Most Searched for Celebrity among UK web users in a poll held by Web analysis firm Hitwise in November 2006.

  31. Mayor of Las Vegas has proclaimed August 29, 2006 as Paris Hilton Day.

  32. Her music video for "Stars Are Blind" is considered as too hot for Indian censors that the country's Central Board of Film Certification issued an "Adult" certification for it (August 2006).

  33. Made it into the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records, chosen the Most Overrated Person.

  34. Turned down an approach from America's Naked Women's Wrestling League as a way to clean up her image (July 2006).

  35. Chosen as the "Most Searched Celebrity" on VH1 by June 2006.

  36. Made a special appearance at Macys Herald Square on June 16, 2006 in New York to mark the launching of her new fragrance "Just Me".

  37. She and her mother Kathy Richards were both sighted at The Hollywood Museum, where they were being honored as 'Idols of Gay Hollywood' (June 2006).

  38. One of her boobs pops out of the swimming suit during the making of a five-minute version of a CK ad (June 2006).

  39. Granted an unusual restraining order, required her to stay at least 100 yards away from event producer Brian Quintana who claimed she threatened him, unless they're at a party together "the stay-away distance may be shortened to 25 feet" (March 6, 2006).

  40. Topped People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) yearend Worst Dressed poll which was held in December 2005.

  41. Has been voted the Celebrity with Biggest Ego in a poll by Teen People, which has taken stars to task for comments they've made about themselves and their work.

  42. In June 2005, she got the Esquire house in Beverly Hills, California, worth a $12 million, from fiance Paris Latsis as a lavish gift.

  43. In fall 2004, Paris appeared in Guess print campaign.

  44. Paris works as a fashion model for Catherine Malandrino and Marc Bouwer, and on an ad campaign for Iceberg instead of going to college. She is also a spokesmodel for various products, including the T-Mobile Sidekick and Creative Zen Micro.

  45. She is a great-granddaughter of Hotel Hilton founder, Conrad Hilton, and also a great-niece of Conrad Hilton Jr. the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor.

  46. She had a cameo appearance in "Zoolander" (2000).

  47. On her 21st birthday, she made parties in 5 different places, including New York, Las Vegas, London, Hollywood and Tokyo.

  48. Paris is the niece of Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, two popular Disney child stars of the 1970s and 1980s.

  49. Her favorite sport is golf.

  50. She once refused to be known as the granddaughter of the Hiltons, but as Paris instead.

  51. Paris' best friends are actress Tara Reid and reality TV star Nicole Richie. Yet, she said no one knows her more than her sister, Nicky.

  52. She is a serious dog lover of three Pomeranians named Dolce, Sebastian and Prince, as well as two Chihuahuas named Tinkerbell and Bambi.

  53. She looked forward to open her "Club Paris" in Orlando, Florida, in 2005, but failed to come at its premiere launch.

  54. She has her own perfume label "PARIS HILTON by Paris Hilton for WOMEN".

  55. Paris' shoes are all custom made for she wears a size 11! She loves to wear Prada pumps for her extrasize shoes.