Jude Law Biography

Born on December 29, 1972 in Lewisham, in Greater London, England as the second child to the married couple Peter and Maggie, he is recognized as David Jude Law. Either his parents or his older sister, Natasha who is a photographer, seem to possess a big interest in art and Law himself, who is a British actor, also loves acting very much. Do to that fact, his mother and father finally run a theater company in France after previously becoming schoolteachers.

During his childhood Law was sent by his parents to a public school in his hometown, but he immediately moved to Alleyn's in Dulwich private school because he felt inconvenient with his "improper" school environment. Soon as he grew-up he found acting as something much more interesting than school and that's why he left school when he was 17 years old and started to perform in Granada daytime TV Soap called "Families" (1990). 1992 was the year when he firstly began his stage career, playing in many plays all over London that he was later on nominated for the Olivier Award of Outstanding Newcomer. In addition, Law also received a Tony Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor and was rewarded the Theatre World Award because he, once more, did the Indiscretions play in Broadway which he previously performed in London.

In 1999 Law's name rocketed even higher and he gained fame more than ever, thanks to Dickie Greenleaf role he played in "The Talented Mr. Ripley." Additionally, in the year of 2000, he was noted in People USA magazine's 50 Most Beautiful list.

On October 29, 2003, after six years marriage, Law decided to divorce Sadie Frost who gave born to his three children; Rafferty, Iris and Rudy Indiana. As 2004 replaced the year of 2003, this vegetarian actor got two more honors, which were named as the 2004 Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine and listed on People USA magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. On Christmas early morning the same year, Law has reportedly proposed his lovely girlfriend, Sienna Miller, giving her a gold ring featuring nine diamonds set in platinum. Yet, on January 12, 2005, news wrote Jude Law confirmation said he wouldn't get married until the media attention has worn off, which surely disappointed Miller who is wanting their marriage soon be held.

Since then the couple has to face ups and downs in their relationship, making them famous among people just because of the highly publication centered on them as on-off couple. The one that sent their face to the cover of almost all media in the country was the affair Law did with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright, following the woman confession to media on details of their affair. Feel betrayed, Miller preferred to end their engagement while gave Law no chance for reconciliation. During this difficult moment, the beauty has become the target of paparazzi who highly publicized her close relationship with such men, as Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig. Bad news travels fast and so Law sniffed out there's something wrong between Miller and the latter man. The has just reconciled pair got in a verbal battle which ended with Law ordering Miller to stay out from their London home.

What was happening is that Miller reportedly dating Craig, who also is Law's close friend, behind his back. This of course draw him mad as said by a source "Jude is incandescent with rage. He thinks Sienna's a hypocrite for giving him such a hard time over his affair when she has been carrying on with Daniel. They vowed a pact of fidelity after the Daisy affair, but she's broken it. To make matters worse, Daniel is one of Jude's oldest pals and he feels utterly betrayed." After a long struggle to maintain their romance, they finally gave up, decided to go separate ways though Miller is pregnant with Law's child. That's the end of the story.

Surprisingly, he and Miller later were spotted spending a night together in London by early November 2005, attending a friend's birthday party and enjoying a long-night drink at a local bar before heading back home together. This inevitably ignited rumors on their reconciliation which then appeared to be true indeed when both of them showed up at the premiere of "Casanova", Miller's last picture for year 2005. Nevertheless, the renewal of their relationship lasted for no more than 3 months only as the couple again concluded to split in late January the following year with Law being reported to say that it was for good, presumably because she opposed his idea of taking Sadie Frost, his former wife, and their children to stay with him.

In contrast to his ups and downs in love relationship, Law's acting career went pleasingly steady throughout the first decade of 2000s. Nabbed his second Oscar nomination in 2004 for his performance in "Cold Mountain" (2003), he did not find any difficulties to land high-profile roles, even had his three films released in the same year of 2006, namely "All the King's Men", "Breaking and Entering", and "The Holiday." 2007, in the meantime, saw the hunk appear in both "My Blueberry Nights", opened at the year's Venice Film Festival, and "Sleuth" while 2009 would spot him starring in futuristic adventure thriller "Repossession Mambo" opposite Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.