Dr. Dre Trivia
  1. Has made cameos in films 'The Wash' and 'Training Day'.

  2. Attacked by a fan named Jimmy James Johnson, who was supposedly asking for an autograph.

  3. Assaulted television host Dee Barnes of 'Pump It Up' in 2011.

  4. First picked Dr. J as his moniker before switching to Dr. Dre which means 'Master of Mixology'.

  5. His middle name Romelle came from his father's unsigned amateur R&B singing group, The Romelles.

  6. Was reunited with his son, Curtis, 20 years later when Curtis is a rapper named Hood Surgeon.

  7. Teamed up with Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd to develop and market his own line of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (February 2008).

  8. Voted the 5th in Forbes Magazine's "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list in August 2007 with an estimated earning of $20 million by 2006.