Without a Trace

Episode 7.04 : True/False

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Episode Premiere

October 21, 2008





Show Period

2002 - 2009

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer TV, CBS, WBTV, Jumbolaya Prod.

Cast and Crew


Martha Mitchell


Diego Gutierrez

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Sean (17) lives in Park Slope, where he attends an exclusive prep school. Although he is an "A" student, the constant pressure to succeed, especially from his strict, by-the-book father, has coaxed this otherwise good kid into becoming a rebellious teen. After a mysterious man assaults him outside their building, and he vanishes, we're left wondering what in Sean's life was responsible for his disappearance.

Our agents interview Sean's parents and immediately focus on his dad, a Treasury agent in the midst of a investigating a counterfeit ring involving a motorcycle gang. Did Sean's father's work follow him home? When our agents track Sean's recent trips to a nearby internet cafe, they discover he fell in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Was their love the key to his disappearance? Our story takes a turn when Sean is implicated in a cheating scandal after our agents determine he was hacking into his school's server to steal tests. Ultimately, our investigation leads us back to Sean's dad, and a long festering secret that Sean uncovered, a secret that sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a trail of blood...

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