Two and a Half Men

Episode 10.22 : My Bodacious Vidalia

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 02, 2013





Show Period

2003 - 2015

Production Company

Chuck Lorre Prod., Tannenbaum Co., Wolf Films, WB

Cast and Crew


James Widdoes


Gemma Baker, Matt Ross, Matt Searle

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Amanda Detmer
  • George Coe
  • Julie Marie Berman


After Alan continues to mope over his breakup with Lyndsey, Walden encourages him to get his confidence by going to get a makeover. To Walden's horror, Alan comes back with a Justin Bieber-type haircut, clothes that are too youthful for him, and male Spanx. At the bar, Alan manages to impress an attractive woman named Meghan and heads back to her place, but when he sees an elderly man lying in a hospital bed and hooked up to an oxygen tank, Meghan reveals that he is her husband, Victor. Though Alan finds the situation disconcerting, he cannot help himself and continues to sleep with her. Meghan later visits Alan with Victor in tow, but as Walden is attempting to make small-talk with Victor out on the deck, his machines start beeping and Victor stops breathing, looking to be dead. Meghan worries that she will not inherit his money since a clause in her pre-nup states that she gets nothing if she's caught cheating. The three of them hastily get Victor into Walden's car and while speeding home, Walden hits a speed bump, waking Victor up. Alan is shocked when Victor tells him that he enjoys watching their sexual exploits.

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