The Simpsons

Episode 18.07 : Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 26, 2006




Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1989 - now

Production Company

FOX, Gracie Films, Film Roman Productions

Cast and Crew


Matthew Nastuk


Carolyn Omine

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Yeardley Smith


Homer is fired from the plant and quickly lands a successful career as an ice cream man. Marge feels she is constantly being overshadowed by Homer's many careers (astronaut, Krusty impersonator, etc...) and she starts creating popsicle stick sculptures to work through her depression. The pieces quickly takeoff and Marge believes she'll rise out of Homer's shadow at an art opening until Homer (who is being chased by the ice cream Mafia) crashes his truck into the event and sets the pieces on fire. Marge believes the accident was a deliberate attempt at making sure she is never as happy as her husband and she begins ignoring her family. Marge later realizes her error and reconnects with her husband by making a giant statue of a near nude Homer in town square.

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