The Simpsons

Episode 11.01 : Beyond Blunderdome

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Episode Premiere

September 26, 1999




Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1989 - now

Production Company

FOX, Gracie Films, Film Roman Productions

Cast and Crew


Steven Dean Moore


Matt Groening

Main Cast

Additional Cast


When Homer and Marge attend a test screening of Mel Gibson's remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Homer gives the film a mercilessly rough critique. Rather than be angered by Homer's remarks, Gibson decides to hire him as a consultant on the script rewrites. Together Mel and Homer turn the movie into a bloody action flick. The film studio is so disgusted by the new cut that they attempt to block its distribution. Homer and Mel steal the only print of the film and escape the studio lot with the executives pursuing them. Commandeering the old Mad Max car from the Hollywood Auto Museum, the Simpsons and the movie star careen through the streets, causing all sorts of destruction. Can they escape with the print intact? Does Mr. Smith ever get to go to Washington? Why doesn't Mel Gibson have an accent anymore?

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