Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 6.05 : Outcry

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 26, 2004





Show Period

1999 - Now

Production Company

NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV

Cast and Crew


Constantine Makris


Patrick Harbinson

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Eric Evangelista
  • Greg Vaccarello
  • Jane Fergus
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake


A female high school student has disappeared, but is found several days later. She claims that she was raped by several men in uniform. An old friend of Stabler's, now a newspaper reporter, is part of the media frenzy surrounding the girl. The detectives investigate the cadets whom the girl accuses of raping her, but their names are leaked to the media and one of the cadets is attacked and almost killed. Under pressure, the girl retracts her story, but Benson is still convinced that she was raped. They begin to investigate her overly protective stepfather, but it is eventually revealed that he is innocent and that the girl was raped by her stepfather's boss. She said nothing in order to protect the stepfather's job, which he needs for the health insurance. The boss is acquitted at trial, but afterwards, a previous victim comes forward to tell Stabler and Benson that the boss raped her as well.

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Dann Florek
The Film Set of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Dec 22, 2010
Dann Florek
The Film Set of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Dec 22, 2010