CSI: Miami

Episode 10.10 : Long Gone

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 04, 2011




Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2002 - 2012

Production Company

CBS Prod, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Touchstone

Cast and Crew


James Wilcox


Barry O'Brien, Marc Dube

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Taylor Cole as Samantha Owens / Taylor
  • Blake Shields
  • Zayne Emory
  • Jonathan Banks
  • Aisha Kabia


After a suburban family goes missing from their home Ryan and Delko find bricks of cocaine hidden under the garage. The 24 year old daughter’s apartment gets broken into shortly thereafter. The events seem no mere coincidence and they wonder if the father was involved with the drugs. The team connects the cocaine to Oscar Duarte, a big-time dealer in the 90s who recently got out of prison, and who was lately visited by a student doing research on drug lords. The researcher turns out to be the daughter’s boyfriend, Tom. When confronted, Tom admits Oscar recruited him to infiltrate the family and retrieve the $2 million worth of cocaine buried underneath the house back in ’95 before Oscar’s lockup. Oscar buried the cocaine on empty land before he was incarcerated and 20 years later a land developer built houses on it. He was coming back to collect what he thought was his. Unfortunately, the father found it first and was selling it off, so Oscar had them kidnapped. The team races to find them before the wife succumbs to severe asthma. In the end Oscar is apprehended and Horatio resuscitates the asthmatic wife but not before the father is killed by Oscar.

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