Criminal Minds

Episode 8.04 : God Complex

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Episode Premiere

October 24, 2012




Crime, Drama, Mystery

Show Period

2005 - now

Production Company

Touchstone, CBS, Paramount TV, Mark Gordon Co.

Cast and Crew


Larry Teng


Breen Frazier

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ray Wise
  • Arjay Smith
  • Chris McGarry


The BAU profiles an UnSub who surgically amputates legs, his slipshod methods often leading to the death of his test subjects. When a legless body is recovered in the desert and a second unwilling amputee shows up in the hospital, the team is stymied by the fact that the UnSub seems to have an excellent knowledge of anatomy but a poor understanding of surgical procedures or medical safety. As the UnSub begins to escalate things by transplanting legs from one victim to another, the team realizes that they're dealing with a highly dangerous killer with a God complex who believes that he is searching for the cure to an impossible medical problem.

Meanwhile, Reid becomes romantically attached to a brilliant scientist whom he only speaks to over the phone. But is she harboring a dark secret?

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