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Episode 3.11 : A Father Dreams

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Episode Premiere

January 04, 2009





Show Period

2006 - 2011

Production Company

After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


Tom Amandes


Michael Foley, Jennifer Levin

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Tymberlee Chanel
  • Paula Rhodes


Who's your daddy? Seriously, who is baby Elizabeth's father? Tommy or Kevin?

Ever since donating a slice of his liver to his niece Elizabeth – AND discovering he's her biological father – Kevin has been having nightmares about a screaming baby he can't locate. He wakes up in a cold sweat in Nora's house. Is it from the dream? Or from Scotty smothering him under a thousand blankets while he recuperates after surgery?

In between bossing Scotty around into providing proper care for her son, Nora nixes Saul's plan for her to meet an architect, Roger Grant, who can fix up her crumbling cancer family charity home. Nora met Roger once 30 years ago. And she never wants to see him again for the rest of her life. That's a little strong. What's going on with her?

In the good news dept., Justin proudly prepares to be shown off in "Show and Tell." Sarah's son Cooper has picked his uncle as the person he most admires.

But Justin should hold off on feeling honored. Why does Cooper admire Justin? Is it because he's a two-time war hero? Nope. Cooper tells his first grade classmates how awesome it is Uncle Justin gets to sit home, not have to go to work and play video games all day. Ouch! Even we felt embarrassed for Justin.

Kevin is starting to really feel smothered when Scotty and Nora constantly bicker with each other about how best to dress his wounds, etc. Plus, his nightmares aren't letting up. They get more surreal when he fantasizes about having sex with his sister-in-law Julia. To us, that sounds like a nice dream. But to Kevin, yup, that's a nightmare. Particularly when he wakes up to find Julia standing by his bed.

Totally freaked, Kevin jumps out of bed and makes a mad dash for the shower. To cool off, perhaps? Nah, he sneaks outside and orders Justin to drive him somewhere, anywhere but here. Justin reluctantly obliges, but not before sneaking back into the house to snag Kevin's pills.

Meanwhile, totally going against Nora's wishes, Saul arranges a meeting with Roger Grant anyway. When Nora gives the architect the cold shoulder, Roger is left guessing what he did wrong. Was it something that happened at that luau party 30 years ago? Uh, oh. Luau party? Was William not the only cheating Walker? Nora is let off the hook from responding when Scotty bursts in with news of Kevin's disappearance.

Kevin's ok. He's hold up at a swanky beachfront hotel with Justin. When Tommy and Sarah pop in, they're not here to check up on Kevin. The Walker siblings are worried that Justin is wasting away, being smothered at home by Nora. They advise him to move out and experience life again.

Alone with her brother Saul, Nora finally confesses her secret about Roger. No, she didn't cheat on William. (And we certainly feel ashamed for thinking she might have.) She just flirted with Roger at that luau party to make William jealous. Did her plan work? No, and that's why she feels especially ashamed for what she did.

Later, Sarah and Justin check out a real hellhole of an apartment. It's not the condition of the place that worries Justin. He's terrified that if he's left alone, he'll start using drugs and OD again. Sarah, in good big sister mode, encourages him to be brave. She thinks he'll make it and we do, too.

Kevin has his final nightmare, but this one is more like a dream. In it, Elizabeth is a few years older and he is comforting her. The real nightmare comes in real life when Tommy asks Kevin to sign a contract that he'll never tell Elizabeth that he's her biological father, which sounds a little overprotective to us.

But, after thinking about it, Kevin decides to defer to Elizabeth's biological father. He signs the contract.

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