Blue Bloods

Episode 3.23 : This Way Out

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Episode Premiere

May 10, 2013





Show Period

2010 - now

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Peter Werner


Kevin Wade

Main Cast


As Danny continues his investigation into the Los Lordes gang, he and Baez initially come up empty on leads until they track gang leader Santana's car. After getting a warrant to search the vehicle, they find drugs concealed inside and arrest Santana's girlfriend Nona behind the wheel. Santana refuses to turn himself in in exchange for her release, and after Santana orders a hit on her in jail, he and Baez are able to convince Nona to testify against him. Meanwhile, when a mentally challenged teenager fires shots at Frank and Mayor Poole during a town hall meeting, the mayor is left critically injured. Jamie suspects the teen was put up to the assassination attempt and coaxes him into identifying the Los Lordes gang member who tricked him into the task. With Hector's testimony and Nona's corroboration, Frank is able to take down Santana and the majority of the Los Lordes gang.

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