Justin Bieber's Hair Reaches Big Bids on eBay Auction

February 25, 2011 08:24:08 GMT

Bieber's cut hair was given to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, February 22 to be sold in an online auction for charity, and its bids have reached $6,700.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: C.M. Wiggins/WENN

Bids for a single lock of Justin Bieber's hair have reached $6,700 in an online auction. The pop superstar cut his famous hair at the weekend and he is offering his locks to various charities in an effort to help them raise money. And one lot has already proven to be a big success on

The hair up for grabs on the auction site was given to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres during a taping of her U.S. show on Tuesday, February 22. Bieber told DeGeneres, "I'm giving pieces of it (hair) to different people. We're doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want."

DeGeneres plans to hand over the proceeds from the hair auction to California animal rescue center The Gentle Barn. The auction ends next week, March 2.


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posted by tara on Feb 27, 2011
Who would buy his pubescent hair? :/ ew.
posted by lou lou on Feb 27, 2011
justin needs to hit puberty, grow some balls! i guarntee once this has happned people will relise he cant sing! how embarssing it will be for him when is denied acesess to his own movie !!!
posted by Britishh_Miss_bieber on Feb 27, 2011
Ok i LOVE justin bieber to the point where my rooom is COVERED in posters of him BUT i wouldnt spend $10,000 on a lock of his hais (im actually in london) Thats madness. Still.. I FREAKING LOVE YOU JB x
posted by genesis on Feb 27, 2011
justin bieber is eft hot love justin my baby
posted by genesis on Feb 27, 2011
love jb is genesis
posted by BieberLove on Feb 27, 2011
Man! i wish i had Justin Biebers hair!:D love you x x
posted by William on Feb 27, 2011
How about a sponsored silence, or one-way ticket to Mars? I cannot stand him or his music..there's far more important things to be concerned with than this media bubble-gum kid.
posted by Justins Mum on Feb 27, 2011
What a tool
posted by leyla on Feb 27, 2011
eww dats creepy even if giving to the poor honey you aint that special work hard and give to the poor
posted by megan bieber on Feb 27, 2011
omg your selling your hair to people and giving it to chairty thats kink i would keep money or give it to a orphaning
posted by Sarah on Feb 27, 2011
I love Michael Jacksn more(:
posted by NonFan Guy on Feb 27, 2011
I'm a guy and I don't hate this dude. If you hate him- ignore him and he HAS hit puberty. He had an operation on his voice, fucking retards.
posted by Caitlin on Feb 27, 2011
Omg Justin bieber is A Pure Hottie a Went and Saw His New Film x
posted by dulse on Feb 27, 2011
chosetodos tu secretos e adlas espanol nosadseleer miamor sitomio
posted by elisadet on Feb 27, 2011
justin eres joto si o no porque todos de laescuela adlan de eso teamo
posted by mcflyloser on Feb 27, 2011
oh my gosh, this is so cute! you just have to love himx bless his pure heart x and hit hot bod ;) x
posted by larissa on Feb 27, 2011
justin bieber I LOVE YOU!!!!!
posted by fleur. on Feb 27, 2011
why are people saying that justin bieber can't sing and that he hasn't hit puberty.. he was discovered by usher,he's made his own film, he sold out madison square garden and he donates most of his time and money to charitys. hmm next time you think about hating on justin think about that yeah! haters get a life.. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN<3
posted by lilnana on Feb 27, 2011
justin bieber u are so cute i got a sister that know how to sing so just text me back and u can see how good she sing kk:)
posted by BieberBeliver on Feb 27, 2011
Go Justin!!!! i think its great that all that money is going to charity! love yooh JB ur an inspiration to all
posted by GENESIS on Feb 25, 2011
posted by ravila on Feb 25, 2011
eu te amo justen bieber
posted by hey hey its me on Feb 25, 2011
justin bieber's cool and everything, but he wont be the new KING OF POP! love you
posted by kateleighnn on Feb 25, 2011
love justin bieber
posted by jesica keegan on Feb 25, 2011
justin bieber is hot i love you love you see you tomorow love you hi babey love
posted by vanessa on Feb 25, 2011
justin bieber is eft hot

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