Justin Bieber Secretly Fixing His Teeth

Justin Bieber

The singer reveals he was using a set of invisible braces on his teeth for the past year to straighten his teeth.

Justin Bieber has a hidden flaw - he's struggling to straighten his teeth. In a new Rolling Stone expose, the "Baby" singer reveals he has been wearing a set of invisible braces on his teeth for the past year.

He explains, "They (teeth) were pointed inwards a little bit, so they had to bring them out, but when they did that, it made a small space in my teeth, and now they have to push that in... It hurts."

Also in an interview with the magazine, Bieber describes his favorite type of girls. "I like all girls," he shares. "I like a girl with a nice smile and who's funny, as far as looks, my taste is dark hair. But I don't limit myself. I like girls with blond hair too. I like everything!"

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    Mar 01, 2011

    omg im gttin braces 2 jb ! ahhhh

    Mar 01, 2011

    I love jb but yhu gottaa admitt selena is considered a woman since a long time ago.....nd justin is still a teen datts kindaa wierd nd alyytl gross. i like selena i dont h8 hr but its truu....but justin is hott nd selena is nt hr type she told hm 2 cutt hiz hairr. i miss old jb

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