Justin Bieber Collapsed Before Canceling Syracuse Concert

September 09, 2010 04:54:21 GMT

A source claims that Justin Bieber was 'super sick' on the night he was forced to scrap a concert in New York on August 29.

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber's hectic tour schedule left him so exhausted last month, he collapsed on the night he was forced to scrap a concert in New York, according to a tabloid report. The "Baby" hitmaker had to pull out of his planned appearance at the New York State Fair in Syracuse on August 29 due to a mystery illness.

The teen pop sensation admitted he had been "super sick" prior to the cancellation, but failed to go into detail about his ailment, revealing only that he had been ordered by doctors to undergo complete bed rest. Now America's National Enquirer reports Bieber was so ill he actually passed out.

A source tells the publication, "Justin couldn't go on. He hit the bed and virtually passed out. I think he was wiped out physically and mentally. He crashed. The vicious work treadmill finally caught up with Justin the night he canceled. He gives every show his all, but he suddenly got light-headed and very woozy. He had to go to bed because he felt dizzy. The kid is seriously fatigued."

And the insider claims Bieber is in serious need of a proper break to fully recover from the health setback. The source adds, "Justin puts on a brave front for the cameras, but he's still weak, and doctors insist that he rest more... or else he risks another collapse. But he can't - or won't - because he doesn't want to disappoint his mum, his manager or his fans."

Bieber rescheduled the Syracuse show and fulfilled his performance commitments last week, September 1.


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posted by jonah on Sep 29, 2010
i hope your okaY ...... I LOVE YOUR SISTER JAZYM...... HOW OLD SHE IS NOW? JONAH IS MY NAME........
posted by apple on Sep 19, 2010
i heard u collapesed, hope u fil u rock JB
posted by STEPHANIE on Sep 18, 2010
posted by gracy on Sep 18, 2010
gt wll sun bt dont fall again
posted by katie on Sep 16, 2010
aw hope u feel better justin <3
posted by sarina on Sep 12, 2010
Justine bieber if you rea this well if you ever cancell a show we don't hate you we still think you are cool yea your famouse but otherwise you just like us you need rest
posted by sarina on Sep 12, 2010
Justine bieber if your reading. This don't worry if you cancell any. Shows we do hate you your famouse yea but other wise you are just like us you need rest I love you justine
posted by 1278954360 on Sep 12, 2010
He does work hard i hope that hes all right from now on.
posted by calsieandjustin43v3r on Sep 11, 2010
Awwwwwwww my baby I love u sooooo much and u feel betta god bless u. Ps for the ppl laughin god bless yall r u serious the collapsed if yall collapsed do yall want me to laugh at yall shame on yall we got childish ppl in this world god bless yall
posted by calsie and justin 43 on Sep 11, 2010
Awwww my baby I love u soooo much god bless u and u will always b in my heart ps they people who were laughin grow up its not funni cuz if u collasped u wont want no on laughin at u soo childish
posted by Diane on Sep 10, 2010
posted by OhMy on Sep 09, 2010
Oh...haha he is so pumped!!
posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Sep 09, 2010
Awww...poor JB!! He passed ou t
posted by hfkhytdigtliygvfufyf on Sep 09, 2010
hahaha so funny
posted by 123456 on Sep 09, 2010
awwww so sad
posted by t788tt on Sep 09, 2010

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