Julianne Moore Suffers Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Julianne Moore

Her habit of typing too many text messages on her cell phone made her having lingering pain in her hand, wrist and fingers.

Actress Julianne Moore is suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after typing too many text messages on her cell phone. The "Hours" star admits she relies on texting to keep in touch, but the habit got out of hand and now she has lingering pain in her hand, wrist and fingers.

She says, "I gave myself Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You know how I did it? Texting too much. You can do it. I was texting and texting and one day I couldn't shake hands. I've been working it out."

Previously, Julianne Moore urged married women not to follow her character's lead in new film "Chloe" - and hire hookers to trap potential cheating husbands. She insisted it's always best to confront your partner if you suspect infidelity - before turning to others for help.

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    Aug 05, 2010

    Having pain in the hand or the fingers does not necessarilly mean that she has Carpal tunnel syndrome unless she was diagnosed using the appropriate tests (i.e. Phalen's test, Tinel test and electric conductance test). Even if she was properly diagnosed as having carpal tunnel syndrome, it is highly unlikely that texting was the cause because texting is not strenuous enough to injure the median nerve, a prerequisite for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. More likely she developed carpal tunnel syndrome from having sexual intercourse since she is in the age group that is vulnerable for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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