Paul McCartney Won't Apologize for Mocking Former President George W. Bush

June 26, 2010 02:57:54 GMT

Calling it's just a joke, The Beatles star says, 'Has anyone ever watched Saturday Night Live? They joke about Bush all the time'

Paul McCartney
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Sir Paul McCartney is refusing to apologize for a joke he made about former President George W. Bush during an appearance at the White House earlier this month. The Beatles legend poked fun at the ex-leader's intellect as he became the first non-American to collect the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from Bush's successor, President Barack Obama on June 2.

McCartney said, "After the last eight years, it's great to have a President who knows where the library is." The comments infuriated top U.S. politician John Boehner, who demanded McCartney make a public apology for the gag.

But the singer has now spoken out about the incident, insisting his comments shouldn't be taken so seriously - because it was just "a joke". He says, "I said that on purpose. And now all this (criticism), like I'm going to care? It was a joke. Hello, anybody there? It's a joke."

"Has anyone ever watched Saturday Night Live? They joke about Bush all the time. As for a public apology, are they kidding? I was in two minds whether to say it and I actually waited until the President had gone because I didn't want to embarrass him or his family. But hey, come on, it's rock and roll. It wasn't a religious meeting and I'm allowed to make jokes."


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posted by noone on Mar 14, 2011
Who hasn't mocked George Bush? He's so mockable. he's probable the dumbest president we ever had. It seems a little unlike sir paul but i guess sooner or later everyone jumped on that bandwagon!
posted by noname on Sep 08, 2010
First off the man said it himself it was a frickin joke! People dont seem to have a sense of humor these days and second he doesnt have to apologize hes Paul McCartney! he can say anything he wants and everyone will still love him... He is the greatest artist of our time.
posted by KTemplar on Jul 25, 2010
Xavier, Communists are Socialistic. This is something NO Republican embraces. Nazis were fanatical murderers who followed the ravings of a diseased lunatic all the way to destruction. Again, nothing in common with the Republican Party. Your arguments are simply Progressive Liberal rhetoric. On the other hand the current administration personifies Socialism and seems hell-bent on destroying the Constitution. The Republican Party does believe that people should take responsibility for their own lives. They believe that the greatest problem with government is having too much of it. Just as our founding fathers thought. And oh yes…..Republicans do not believe that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” ever changing and evolving. We believe that it is an iron clad guarantee to the American people that can not be changed by the whims of a Congress and Administration drunk with power
posted by xavier baudet on Jul 22, 2010
No you're mistaken. I'm not liberal. In fact I'm very conservative, almost reactionary. The Republican party is NOT a conservative party but a populist one. And populism is dangerous. And when it teams up with masshysteria it can be catastrophic, that's what nazism and communism have in common with modern style republicanism. It's a paranoid and ultimately deadly political religion.
posted by Vermontdem on Jul 12, 2010
Xavier, I read your post and I'm sorry to say that I can grade it no lower than an F. Don't worry though. I'm sure you'll do worse next time. You are indeed an idiot. McCartney is the greatest composer of all time?????? What uninformed horseshit. You must stop using drugs for your own sake!!
posted by KTemplar on Jul 09, 2010
Comparing Republicans to Nazis! You, Xavier Baudet, are a prime example of Liberal Progressivism. Only you can have an opinion. Only you are enlightened enough to show the rest of America the true path. Your hero, the first certified idiot to be elected President, is hell bent on destroying our nation. This should be to your liking though. It would allow you the prideful feeling of seeing your goals of America in ashes accomplished. But the majority of Americans have now come to their senses and will remove him and his co-vermin from office at the next elections. As for Paul…well who gives a damn about his views. He is just an entertainer while you sir are shit! Have a pleasant day.
posted by xavier baudet on Jun 30, 2010
It's the court jester's role to say what a lot of people wish they could say, but can't. And Mcartney's reamrks are relatively subtle, compaired with some of Lennon's remarks about Nixon. McCartney is also completely right about comparing Global Warming deniers with Holocaust deniers. Again, Lennon wouldn't have hesitated to compare Republicanism with Nazism. It is after all a similar disease. On top of that McCartney is also the greatest composer of all time. And George Bush...I don't think he knows the difference between a librarian and a liberian or a libertarian.
posted by oliver on Jun 30, 2010
FY McCartney, the only reason he got the prize is because Michael Jackson died, now theres a musical genius. Stop flapping your lips snaggle tooth limey, and oh yea! Give back the prize. Lets rip up his visa.
posted by FreedomLover on Jun 29, 2010
McCartney Sucks! He always did, it's no supprise to find out he's an idiot too!I can't believe these dumb asses are still buying into that Global Warming bullshit and trying to sell it to the weak-minded. Maybe someone should tell "Sir Idiot"We are citizens not subjects!And Obama obviously hasn't been in the library reading our Constitution!!!
posted by Letscheck on Jun 29, 2010
Good thing he makes good music since he is apparently an idiot. Bush reads books constantly and his wife is a librarian. Pretty good compared to the last wife Mac chose.
posted by RT on Jun 29, 2010
McCartney is the joke. If this was reversed and an American artist made a "joke" in the UK, I'm sure it wouldn't be taken so lightly.

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