Dad Lands Deal to Create Michael Jackson Museum

Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson has teamed up with Gary dignitaries and investors to create a museum dedicated to his late son in Indiana and work of the project could begin as early as in 2011.

Michael Jackson's father is celebrating after landing a new deal to create a museum dedicated to his late son in the family's native Gary, Indiana. Joe Jackson has spent the past decade trying to get the project off the ground and now he states work could begin as early as in 2011 on a $300 millio museum and arts center.

Making the announcement with Gary dignitaries and investors on Wednesday, June 2, Joe Jackson said, "This is a happy day for me because this is something that my family and Michael have always wanted. We're bringing something back."

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay, who has been a longtime supporter of the plan, claims the museum project will create thousands of jobs for locals hit hard by the economic crisis and it will be a huge tourism boost when it's completed, generating millions of dollars for the city annually.

The Mayor said, "This project will be the magnet that will draw people from all over the world." City officials have donated 300 acres of land as the site for the Jackson Family Museum and Hotel and the Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Cultural Center and Theaters.




    Jun 11, 2010

    RIP michael we love u.

    Jun 03, 2010

    Cinsimo, whatever Joe Jackson has done, you must remember that Michael has forgiven him. Have you listened to Michael's long Oxford speech in 2001 for the Heal The Kids project? This is the type of speech that the media will never until now still won't mention, because here in this speech one will know the true heart of Michael and this one of the most compelling reasons I have that helped me so much to not believe those very ugly things that the media and people used to destroy Michael's spirit. Michael,being a victim of physical and emotional abuse, became a survivor and a children's advocate in the ways he knew how. (In that speech, you'll even find pieces of the puzzles of why Michael had those horse rides(?)at Neverland, because this was the ONLY time that his father (who never hugged him or say "I love you") expressed his love for him. So, in a way, those Neverland rides became a symbol or a reminder of his father Joe). The 2001 Oxford speech was a very beautiful and emotional speech and Michael has touched on the subject of violence committed by children against children, the problems we see in the world which he traced back to the lack of love in childhood, and so forth. He had also spoken about forgiveness and honoring your parents. And, yes, he had also spoken about his great love for his children. In 2005, in his interview with Geraldo, he once again talked about forgiveness, and he, indeed, forgave his father. Whatever happened to Michael in the last years of his life and why he lost his personal battle when he often talked about how faith in God sustained him, we'll never know. I was personally disappointed and heartbroken that his life ended this way. As for Joe Jackson, whatever his motive is, at least, he is DOING SOMETHNG to keep Michael's legacy in many, many, many years to come. As for Michael's children, I hope that they will continue Michael's philantrophy legacy as this is what Michael should be known as well.

    Jun 03, 2010

    Just another scam by Joe Jackson to make money off Michael. Joe should be the one who's 6 feet under not Michael. He's a greedy Bastard!!!!

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