Rihanna: 'Cold Case Love' Is Dedicated to Chris Brown

February 26, 2010 03:29:45 GMT

The song that the Barbadian singer sings with Justin Timberlake tells about her altercation with Chris Brown which led to a messy split.

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Rihanna has explained the song she wrote about her former lover Chris Brown, insisting the lyrics detail everything she "didn't say for the past eight months". The "Umbrella" beauty split from the singer last year shortly after a vicious fight with Brown that left her battered and bruised. He was later convicted of attacking her.

Rihanna eventually told her side of the story in a string of TV interviews several months after the incident, and has revealed working on her new album, "Rated R", allowed her to "vent" about the break-up.

Now she admits one of the songs - "Cold Case Love", a collaboration with Justin Timberlake - is about the bust-up with Brown. She tells CNN, "It's a song that everybody wanted to hear, everything that I didn't say for the past eight months, exactly how I felt about that relationship and how I feel about it now - that song says it all."


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posted by Never known on Aug 29, 2010
Mov on gal ama
posted by Uana on Jul 16, 2010
Rihana is tight,her songs memorable,voice unique.wil LOVE 2 do music with her.u guys leav ha alone.its Freedom of expresion.last time i checked, its evry1's riht 2 xpres demselvs.'complain' is in d dictionary so its gota b used.U GUYS chil.evry1 'quarels.' dats y its in d dictionary.its cos dey ar stars dats y deir quarel is public.LEAVE HA ALONE.
posted by gazabritton on May 31, 2010
chris brown is a coward,an ass andalsoafucking skuntole hejust hit her to proved that he is a man but he`s not man enought for RIHANNA.
posted by face book on May 21, 2010
please just shut yhe fuck up bitch
posted by Patience wema on Apr 26, 2010
I think its better for the two young lovers chris brown and rihanna to get back together..they were a cute couple no one can deny it.
posted by team breezy on Mar 29, 2010
omg! this dumb bich is really getting on my nerves!dont nobody care about her faget ass beat down! 4real cuz u dnt hear chrisbrown making a ass of his self threw his music like this big 4 headed alien! rihanna get over ur self cuz ur pathetic and chris u rock! luv u xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
posted by steve frm naja chris on Mar 26, 2010
i will say the true rihanna love chris so much that she could not live without chris, both of them are young there are stars and love each other. my advice for chris is that he should be very careful because they don like him, especialy jay z, kayan west, ti,many other chris you will be like micheal jackson we love you in nigeria god bless you.
posted by cyeez on Mar 09, 2010
think rihanna still love chris coz how on earth cn she do such a thing well i love chris love wateva he sings hez ma supastar so pliz ree do stress him
posted by MONE on Mar 03, 2010
posted by micky on Mar 01, 2010
kick rocks haters.
posted by rihanna fan on Mar 01, 2010
all of yall need to stop tlkn about her becaus yall know that if yall got beat by tall boyfriend and was famous yall would be pissed and use a song to release yall stress too.dont hate on her fame just recognize her game.dislike her or get like her. i love you rihanna.she sings better than any of you and she more professional than any of you.her albums are the best and she show her barbadian side best in her songs.Chris brown deserved what he got and will never find a good but crazy girl like rihanna.
posted by Boi on Mar 01, 2010
Tired you need to shut the fuck up you is a hater and I think you need to get punched in the face
posted by Lala 9ja Ow on Feb 28, 2010
U all are killing urself over Rihana & Chris that are making cool benjamin. Stop drinking paracetamol 4 another man's headache.
posted by tired on Feb 27, 2010
I am so sick of her, Rihanna is only using the incident for fame, she knows people are basically feeling sorry for her, and she is using it all she can. Not too long ago, everyone knows, Rihanna was not on top, not like Chris Brown was, apparently its not her talents that is putting her where she is now, its only because she sold her soul to the devil, and soon its going to backfire on her. And as far as the comment about Chris's begging songs, I don't think so, Crawl was basically about redemption, and all the other songs, he is not begging. If anybody is begging, its Rihanna, begging the world to continue to put money in her pockets even though at first she wasn't a victim, and she does not not see herself as a victim, which is it? You are a victim when its beneficial to you. Its ok for you to put your hands on Chris more than once, ok for you to hit your brother with a bottle, ok for you to be a jealous and controlling woman, but you are the innocent victim when it comes to furthering your career. I am not buying it, and I think its a slap in the face to the real victims of domestic violence, not someone who put their hands on somebody more than once, before they finally hit you back. Wrong is wrong, and Rihanna was wrong for putting her hands on Chris first.
posted by Ms Linda on Feb 27, 2010
the people who come on this site is racist now she have so many interveiw so now another song of the cd needs people to start buying her cd people come on people she say she have move on but she is talking because another song of the cd is coming out steve wonder can see what her game is and what her father drugs habit have to do whit chris brown she needs something to talk about because her father drug problem do not have nothing to with music are chris brown come on people stop being so stupid (smart people) trying so to down chris lets start downng charle sheen what you sweepng his shit under the rug you'll trying so hard to put rhinna on top but rhinna was fightng chris and she said on 2020 that was chris first time hittng her she said she did the hitting all of the time she admit hitting her brother with a bottle in hs face she could have kill her brother she got all of from her father she needs help to and now the judge know what she did she can't undo because she is hearing everthing that rhnnia is saying and she know chris wasn't the agressor and she went the media on chris we the fans is glad that he have move on and we got his back okay hater
posted by Rude BOI on Feb 27, 2010
Love you, Rihanna! That shows how MUCH strength you have!
posted by Taylor on Feb 27, 2010
Some of you really don't know sh** about life. You don't know what this girl has probably gone through. I ain't listen to her music much but I admire her strength, I really do.
posted by Nicki on Feb 27, 2010
Y'all are cracking me up! how can yall seriously say that she deserved to be beaten up?! where dem girls talking trash? where they at?!
posted by Reality Check on Feb 26, 2010
I always knew that girls could be evil to one another but this Rihanna HATE is really PATHETIC.Rihanna has moved on to bigger and better things, where the hell of y'all been? Chris Brown is the one who made several begging songs to Rihanna, so let's be real. Also, no matter how many ridiculous excuses that you all try to create for Chris Brown, it's never going to change the fact that he's a convicted woman beater. WAKE UP! Chicas because he'll gladly beat y'all asses too.
posted by Go Away Rihanna on Feb 26, 2010
She is just trying to make "cold case love" a single because her album is stalling. Even though he should have called the police on her, he just got tired of her hitting him and she is the one that admitted that she use to hit him.
posted by Kari on Feb 26, 2010
Rihanna ia awesome! Any person who is physically abusive like that obviously has problems. U haters need to get a life! If you don't like her then why comment on it? Go somewhere else!
posted by IN MY OWN WORDS on Feb 26, 2010
move child and get a life he has. you just won't stop! he has give it up, he don't want you know more any way little girl go back to your own country. we don't know why jay z bought over here any way. i don't like you and never have .breezy should have hit you if you hit a man you should get hit BACK
posted by Fr33Evr on Feb 26, 2010
wow u haters r fucking stupid
posted by will on Feb 26, 2010
this completely talentless skank can't write a sentence for real, she probably think that "moans" she puts in her "songs" is co-writing... This is alla staged PR stunt. She has the brain of a pea. And she can't sing nor perform for real to save her life. Her album is horrible. She's gross. Her 15 minutes are gone, and hopefully also Chris Brown's trash is going away after her. They're both scum.

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