Roger Daltrey Upset for Being Blind During Super Bowl Show

February 10, 2010 07:53:10 GMT

During his performance with The Who at Super Bowl, Roger Daltrey wasn't able to make a good interaction with audience after flashbulbs and camera lights blinded him.

Roger Daltrey
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Rocker Roger Daltrey fears he'll have a very fuzzy memory of The Who's Super Bowl showdown on Sunday, February 7 - because he couldn't see a thing. The "My Generation" singer and bandmate Pete Townshend performed a 12-minute medley of hits during Sunday's big game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts in Miami, Florida - but flashbulbs and camera lights ruined the experience for Daltrey.

He says, "Cameras were everywhere. I was so blinded that I couldn't see. It didn't even feel like a concert. It's a television show. And what can you do in 12 minutes? I thought it went OK... (but) I really wished the crowd would have gotten into singing the songs with us more... I wanted more banter."

The Who's performance was met with mixed reactions from critics and the public, but many pundits have called on Super Bowl organizers to pick younger acts to play at halftime - suggesting The Who are too old.


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posted by Georgie on May 23, 2010
The most tragic hype music journalists ever started among reviewers,was that a group is to old.This is bullshit.Music is a unrealized sound no matter who it comes from.

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