Skid Row's Sebastian Bach Is Mad With His First Record Label Boss

Sebastian Bach

Having his track which was recorded with Axl Rose passed over to unknown band, Sebastian Bach reveals he has started his own label, saying that 'the music industry's so screwed up.'

Former Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach has lashed out at his first record label boss - insisting he's outraged a track he recorded with Axl Rose was passed over in favor of an unknown band. Bach confesses he started his own label, Get Off My Bach, because the music industry is so unstable even for the largest of rock icons.

And he has blasted former Atlantic Records artists and repertoire (A&R) man Jason Flom for snubbing a collaboration with the Guns N' Roses frontman - more than 20 years after Bach signed with the label. He says, "We live in a world (where) Van Halen doesn't have a record deal. I mean, Eddie Van Halen doesn't have a f**king record deal."

"How can there be such a thing as rock and roll if Van Halen doesn't have a record deal? ...The music industry's so screwed up, I almost don't wanna even rely on anybody but me. Even though I am doing another record, but it's so cool to be in control of your music and be able to just get it out without asking anybody...."

"Just to paint a picture for everybody, Jason Flom signed Skid Row and a million other bands... But the fans should know that Jason Flom passed on me, Sebastian Bach, with Axl Rose on a record and then he put out Steel Panther. I just want people to realize that - this same guy who says no to Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose together on record - 'No. No, thanks.' - he says yes to a bunch of f**king goofs, clowns, comedy guys. He says yes to them."




    you\'ll never guess!
    Jan 08, 2013

    yup that's too bad, but let's face it, bach and axl are both hard to get along with, but label needs to bow down to them! get original gnr back together AXL! and everybody is obsessed with 2000s music, which sucks, i am sad for bach and axl, i too love the 70's and 80's,90's, if i had the choice i would never have left!

    Jan 14, 2010

    I agree with Sebastian to an extent. Although I think he needs to stop caring about what a record label thinks and start caring about the few fans he has left. There are alot of good bands that aren't signed to a major record label and they have to earn the respect of theyre fans by touring. Sebastian is so rude to his fans he can't even do a descent headling tour.

    Sabitchin Bach
    Jan 13, 2010

    The industry has changed but you can't expect everyone to drop everything because Sabastian Bach and Axl Rose came out with a song that is just a cover anyway. Sabastian's huge ego broke up Skid Row so I can understand why he is perceived as a douche.

    Jan 13, 2010

    Steel Panther is the best 80's band to come out in 2009!

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