Beyonce Knowles' Trinidad and Tobago Gig Hit With Controversy

Beyonce Knowles

Promoters for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival demand the postpone of Beyonce Knowles' concert since the gig will siphon funds from their annual cultural celebrations.

Promoters for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival are calling for the local sponsors of an upcoming Beyonce Knowles concert to reschedule the show - because the gig will siphon funds from the annual cultural celebrations. The R&B superstar is due to perform in the Caribbean country on February 18 - just two days after the massive two-day Carnival event wraps.

Several concerned performers, promoters and bandleaders have teamed up to urge Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago executive Roberto Peon to postpone the gig. Gregory Fernandes, who is spearheading the campaign, estimates it will cost TSTT up to $30 million to pay for the singer's performance - money he insists should be used for hosting the festival.

He tells the Trinidad & Tobago Express, "We want to discuss with TSTT the position they have taken to present Beyonce in concert so soon after Carnival and their decision to cut back and even pull sponsorship of Carnival events."

"They will need to prepare (Beyonce's) venue to accommodate the 25,000-plus audience, they need to break even and when you take into consideration what may be on Beyonce's rider, that can be an additional three quarter million or more."

"We have nothing against Beyonce. We are just saying that it is insensitive to bring her at this time. It will affect all Carnival stakeholders because, you know, it's not just a case of people forgoing fetes and shows to buy tickets."

"What about those who depend on Carnival to earn income? No patrons at events or no events mean that all service providers are out of a dollar. As a corporation of which 51 per cent is Government-owned, TSTT needs to provide answers to the cultural fraternity."

Beyonce Knowles' concert in Libya was also hit with controversy earlier this month. In response, her camp issued a statement, defending her. "The party in St. Bart's on New Year's Eve, with Beyonce in performance, was hosted by Muatsim-Billah Gaddafi, not his brother Moutassim Bilal 'Hannibal' Gaddafi, as reported in the press."

"Her agents and management firm made the decision to confirm the private performance. The annual party had a long history of booking internationally known artists both American and foreign for events around the world, including Cannes. Past performers in St. Bart's have included Timbaland, Enrique Iglesias and Mariah Carey. Guests at this year's party included singer Usher, former BET CEO Bob Johnson, actress Lindsay Lohan and music industry vets, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles and L.A. Reid."




    sydney evans
    Feb 23, 2010

    it was really an honour for beyonce to perform in my country..

    Feb 20, 2010

    I attended the concert and she was a class act. Our very own Machel Montano did us proud with his performance especially closing off with Destra Garcia coming on stage the crowd went wild. We missed him in our carnival this year because he did not participate hence the reason for so many people purchasing tickets for the concert late. To let everyone know Trinis love their carnival and Beyonce, Jayz or anyone will not stop the show from going on or any Trini from prticipating once theyare a true carnival lover. The reason the mas bands were complaining and not all of them because Tribe, Spice, Island People they were sold out long before. It is the price they are charging for a beaded bath suit is to costly for many of us who are watching our dollars. I play mas every year and I did not play and it was not because of Beyonce, I just could not justify spending 4,000 to 5,000 for a decorated bath suit. I attended the concert because i was taken to it and it was worth it. MAchel performing and then Beyonce closed off my carnival... Beyonce is such a class act she took our road march song Palance and sang a two liner and Palance on stage the crowd went wild.... Sorry for those who missed the concert. PEople please do not get caught up with the Beyonce controversy in Trinidad it is just a political war between the Workers union and the Bmobile management over wages due. The case is in the Labour court and no one cannot do anything because it is a legal matter now. Therefore in the interim they are causing confusion for the management and the concert was just one of their strategies.

    caribbean gyal
    Feb 19, 2010

    I'm not from trini but i do think BeYAWNce shud not be there during carnival..think about it..paying 30 mil TT for much will america pay for machel??during 4th of july weekend? just think about that!

    Feb 19, 2010

    for all those of you who comment on this ignorant of what the deal is, i'll let you know. i'm from trinidad, the concert was yesterday. the venue was not at the 'cultural center' as kiki claimed. there was a stage built for her at another open air venue. the reason why people were angry was because the sponsors for the concert was a government subsidized telecomunications company, so taxpayers money went into the production. caribbean gyal it didn't cost 30 mil TT. yes it was near to carnival and i disagree that her show was the only reason why people didn't spend as much for carnival as previous years. remember we are in a recession. and the cost of the tickets that we were so passionately angry about, i'm sure if you make the conversion, it costs just as much in USD. kiki my country can pay its workers. we are not poor. it's just that the government is too cheap to hire them. so they outsource labor sometimes. many factors went into this being such a controversy. however, for us being just a little island in the west indies, we're generally glad that she chose our country to end off her tour. as much as we complained about other things, the day of the concert, everyone got the eye full they were hoping for, and paid for.

    blodded heart
    Feb 18, 2010

    why people always trying to fight down one another beyonce is just human performing in a concert whats the big deal buy a ticket or dont

    Feb 17, 2010

    I think that her show is going to be a hit! But there was a huge decline in the amount of ppl playing mass this year, guess everyone preferred to spend the money on her tickets, i don't give them wrong, this may be the only time beyonce will ever get to perform in trinidad, Too bad I can't afford her tickets.. :(

    Jan 28, 2010

    beyonce will come to trinidad and put all u motherfuckers in a trance with her dancing she's a big obeah woman

    Jan 28, 2010

    to true american citi comments.....simply put u shouldn't throw stones at other ppl when u live in a glass house u have no right to judge anyone u aint God and trust me if u were in her position u would have made the same decision so stop Stifiling your conscience and hating on B and her man....anyways i love B and would come to see her cause i dont live in trini and i understand the cultural fraternity's position on the show's timing and i do agree with you B can come anytime to trini and would get the support....when u hear trini u think carnival and thats how it should i hope it all works out and she still comes whenever its appropriate.....nonetheless i would support her regardless.

    Jan 24, 2010

    some of you forget why ppl are mad at her, it isn't because of her music it's because of the the money, timing, and the venue. the place she will be performing is a recently created "cultural center" that the people paid for with taxes. these people were promised a theater open to the public, especially the children of trinidad. but it was a lie, and after it was built all of a sudden there were all of these rules and changes to what the cultural center will be. in short- it's for the rich. and the poor who are mostly black are pretty much not invited despite the fact that their money built the thing. also, the money spent on getting her to perform is bananas for a country that can't even pay it's workers. as a black american woman with influence she should know better than to be involved in something so obviously laced with corruption, racism and classism.

    itdontmatter 1988
    Jan 13, 2010

    soca,calyso wa ever we rooted in it come on we need the diversity jeez we do get fed up of it this is a huge international artist ppl stop thinking like third worlders carnival goes on year after year,let beyonce come and shine carnival aint all that nxt year is around the corner!

    Jan 11, 2010

    To all you use to be and wanna be trini's we don't need Beyonce we are land of calypso and steelband oil and soca. We love her yes but our culture first,carnival comes one time in the year she can come later down in the year.

    Jan 11, 2010

    To Triniman1234? Have you been to Trini lately? I don't think so cause you would not make that ingnorant a** comment you just made. People come from all over the globe to Carnival.Luv Beyonce but see ain't all that..pls use some sense before you make stupid comments like that pls..have a blessed day :)

    Jan 11, 2010

    I agree about 90% with you trinilady1980, we love we carnival but how often does Beyonce have a concert in Trinidad?!?!? People might pass up carnival cause there is always next year for this rare opportunity. Personally I'd choose Carnival but eh...

    Jan 11, 2010

    To make everybody happy she should just cancel da show & head straight to seems they have a lot of big mouths in trini.let da sponsors &promoters handle it haterz

    Jan 10, 2010

    Even if she come to Trinidad, she will not have a good show...All Trini's love they carnival...So i think it is best that she reschedule her concert....

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