The Who's Super Bowl Concert Raises Outrage

January 04, 2010 09:28:00 GMT

Officials at a leading U.S. children's charity are in fiery for The Who's Super Bowl gig following Pete Townshend's former registered sex offender record.

The Who's Super Bowl Concert Raises Outrage
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Officials at a leading U.S. children's charity are outraged The Who has landed 2010 Super Bowl half-time show, because of Pete Townshend's 2003 arrest on suspicion of possessing child pornography. The rocker was cautioned by police for accessing a website linked to child pornography in 1999 as part of research for a book he was planning.

As a result of accepting the caution, Townshend was placed on Britain's Sex Offenders Register for five years - which has now been cleared from his record. But officials at Child AbuseWatch.net have slammed the decision to let the group play at the NFL showdown in Tampa Bay, Florida in February, 2010.

Evin Daly, founder of the group, says, "I'm a fan of the band. Pete Townshend is the only issue, and the issue is that he's a former registered sex offender." An NFL spokesperson says, "U.K. police cleared him since he was doing research for a project on child abuse."


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posted by Horace on Jan 05, 2010
The organization mentioned isn't a charity. Get facts straight. Also, Townshend is a decent guy.
posted by Superfatamanda on Jan 04, 2010
Townshend was cleared of the first charge, that of possession. However, he admitted guilt to the “inciting another to distribute”, and in doing so received a formal police “caution” (adjudication withheld), enabling him to avoid a trial. With that caution came mandatory DNA and fingerprint recording and a 5 year registration as a sex offender. He's a sex offender.

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