Former Maid Believes Michael Jackson Molested Boys

Michael Jackson

Adrian McManus, the former housekeeper at the late King of Pop's house, says that she witnessed her former boss' sexually abusing children.

Adrian McManus thinks that Michael Jackson committed child molestation. Sitting down for an interview with Inside Edition, the former maid at the late King of Pop's Neverland ranch admits that she saw her former boss treating some boys inappropriately.

"[Jackson] groomed the little boys. I think he was getting them drunk," McManus told the television news magazine. The maid who started working for the late King of Pop in 1993 then reveals how Jackson molested the boys.

"I would walk in and there would be boys laying in his bed with him. I'd walk in his room and his underwear would be floating in the jacuzzi in his bedroom. They'd be floating in the water with the little boys underwear," she says.

McManus also claims that Jackson's employee threatened to kill her if she would "ever go on a talk show or a TV show." McManus recalled, "He said, 'We can hire a hit man, have your neck slit. They'll never find your body. We can hire a sniper to take you out.' "

McManus has been against Jackson as in the pop superstar's 2005 molestation trial, she testified that she saw Jackson abusing actor Macaulay Culkin. Culkin himself denied the allegation and Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

Nearly a month ago, she told British media Daily Mirror that she wasn't surprised when hearing Jackson was found dead from drug overdose. She told the news outlet that workers at Neverland found him overdose twice before. "Michael was not a pop hero, but a messed-up, depraved junkie, who was manipulative, twisted and demonic," she said at that time.



    Dec 26, 2013

    Wacko jacko is a pedophile! Look at one of his album covers he has a NAKED BOY on there and the boy is holding a dragon skull!!go figure-__- Not to mention Alistair Crowley was on his album cover.. this man IS (because I believe this weirdo may be still alive) a sick demonic devil worshipping gay pervert that needs Jesus Christ! Ima pray for dude!

    May 18, 2013

    The media should background-check people before they give them a platform to slander someone. Adrian McManus was exposed to be a liar and a thief on the stand in 2005 - and a person with no morals at all. Let's see the facts those came out about this woman when she testified: - On December 7, 1993 Adrian McManus testified under oath in a deposition for the Chandler civil case that she never observed any inappropriate behavior or any form of sexual behavior by Jackson towards Jordan Chandler or any other child. She even said she trusted Jackson so much that she would have no problem with leaving her son alone with him. In 2005 she claimed something totally different. When Jackson’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau confronted her with her 1993 deposition in 2005, McManus simply claimed that she did not tell the truth in that 1993 deposition. So that means either in 1993 or in 2005 she admittedly and purposefully lied under oath! - She and four other ex-employees of Jackson filed a civil lawsuit against Jackson in 1994 demanding $16 million in damages. They claimed that during their employment they were harassed and intimidated, which resulted in emotional distress and various medical problems that made them “emotionally disabled” and unable to work. They also claimed that they were wrongfully terminated by Jackson. Jackson counter-sued and eventually Chacon and McManus were found guilty of stealing from Jackson’s property. - At the civil trial the plaintiffs (McManus & Co.) and their attorney were sanctioned $66,000 for lying during their depositions and on the stand and for discovery violations (ie. for hiding evidence from Jackson’s lawyers). Judge Zel Canter, who presided over the civil trial, left the bench after stating he was disgusted. The jury rejected the wrongful termination lawsuit against Jackson and ordered McManus & Co. to pay him damages. The court also imposed attorneys fees and costs of $1.4 million against plaintiffs. As of the time of their testimony in 2005 none of them paid the damages to Jackson. - Before their lawsuit in the 90s, under the direction of their attorney, Michael Ring they contacted a tabloid broker, Gary Morgan from the Splash News and Picture Agency to sell slanderous stories about Jackson and children and also about Jackson and his then wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Morgan arranged interviews with magazines, such as The Star and TV programs, such as Inside Edition. (Note: She gave this recent interview to Inside Edition as well...) According to McManus’ 2005 testimony, $32,000 or more was received for their stories and almost all of it went to Ring, to finance their civil lawsuit, from which they hoped to get millions of dollars. (I wonder how much she received this time...) - During the civil trial in the 1990s, another former employee of Jackson’s, Francine Orosco testified that McManus asked her to say she witnessed a male employee of Jackson sexually harass McManus. Orosco also testified that she visited McManus at home during their employment and McManus showed her a room filled with watches, posters, clocks, sunglasses, T-shirts and laundry baskets filled with Michael Jackson’s clothes and other items she stole from Neverland. It was also found that McManus stole a drawing Jackson made of Elvis Presley and sold it for $1000 to Gary Morgan from Splash. - It also emerged that earlier McManus and her husband were ordered to pay $17,000 each in another lawsuit, in which it was ascertained that they stole money from an estate that was set-up for minor relatives of McManus. They willfully and maliciously defrauded Shane and Megan McManus, a nephew and a niece of Adrian McManus, out of their money. They were sued by Rosalie Hill, the children's guardian ad litem. Judge Richard A. St. John found that the the money was held in the trust for the benefit of those two children and McManus and her husband dissipated those funds. These are facts those came out during Jackson's trial. Yet, the media still chooses to give these people a platform to slander Jackson (probably even pays them for it), with no mention of these facts about these people at all! What does this tell us about the bias of these publications?

    May 18, 2013

    I wonder how much the maid is going to get paid to say lies against michael? I bet you it's a huge sum.

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