Justin Bieber Being Investigated for Alleged Battery Against Neighbor

March 27, 2013 03:34:57 GMT

A source, however, denies that the 'Baby' singer got into a physical altercation with his neighbor in suburban Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, March 26, saying, 'They only spoke briefly.'

Justin Bieber
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After almost getting violent with paparazzi earlier this month, Justin Bieber is now accused of battery by his neighbor. Deputies are investigating claims made by a neighbor on March 26 that the teen crooner attacked and threatened him after having a heated altercation in Calabasas, California.

Upon his arrival home from Poland on March 25, Bieber allegedly got into an argument with his male neighbor on March 26 shortly after 9 A.M., according to TMZ. A source told the site that the neighbor was furious about the deafening noise coming from the Canadian pop star's residence and felt Bieber was endangering the community by racing his Ferrari up and down the streets. The neighbor confronted the singer and the two reportedly got into an intense argument over the Ferrari.

"We got a call at 9:08 A.M. We don't know where it came from, but we responded. Allegations have been made against Mr. Bieber, accusing him of battery," says L.A. County Sheriff Steve Whitmore. "That's all we know - we are investigating. We are not at the residence. We will make a report, and then we will take the appropriate action once the investigation is concluded."

A source tells a different version of the situation, saying that Bieber did not have any physical contact with the neighbor. "Justin's neighbor saw he was home briefly, so he approached him about the parties. They only spoke briefly and Justin told him to get off the property," the source says. Bieber's security team escorted the neighbor off the property as the singer allegedly went inside his house.

A representative for Bieber has not made any comment regarding this issue.

Bieber has a history of being accused of battery. In January, Moshe Benabou, who claimed to be the star's former bodyguard, filed a complaint against the singer, demanding $421,261 for assault, battery and overtime fees. In May 2012, a photographer accused the "As Long As You Love Me" singer of battery, but the criminal charges were eventually not filed due to conflicting witness accounts and an overall lack of evidence.


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posted by Mikey on Mar 27, 2013
Really? If he were my neighbor he would be flat on the ground in his driveway, security detail or not.
posted by biglou64 on Mar 27, 2013
Honestly, what harm could this guy ever do? I'd rather say I got my butt kick by a twelve year old girl.
posted by amy on Mar 27, 2013
people just need to leave him alone! why do yall gotta say such mean stuff about him!!! grow up
posted by Tedderz on Mar 27, 2013
God can we make a trade? Give up back tupac and wel happily give you Justin bieber? If that's too much then Whitney or Michael? Just someone with real talent please? Thank you, love, mankind
posted by Really? on Mar 27, 2013
I give thanks to Usher and YouTube.
posted by Roflcopter on Mar 27, 2013
Thanks Usher and YouTube. Maybe one day you can make money from something that is independent of exploiting children.
posted by JustInHERbeiber on Mar 27, 2013
HAHAHA HES now entering his thug stage, just like drake
posted by Mikeg on Mar 27, 2013
Does he know he looks like a clown?
posted by hayduke on Mar 27, 2013
In another 2 years he's going to be broke and busted. Just ask B Spears. Probably snorting coke by now. Can you say Boggie nights?
posted by ana on Mar 27, 2013
Tired of this little prick... Make him go away already!!!
posted by Cruncher on Mar 27, 2013
Why is this little shiz~stain allowed to live in the U.S.???? Someone needs to cave his grille in.... little punk @ss nancy boy!!!!

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