NBC Justifies Decision to Skip 9/11 Moment and Air Kris Jenner Interview on 'Today'

September 12, 2012 01:34:46 GMT

Instead of airing a live coverage of the solemn commemoration in Washington D.C. and NYC, 'Today' features Savannah Guthrie asking Kim Kardashian's mom about her televised breast augmentation.

NBC Justifies Decision to Skip 9/11 Moment and Air Kris Jenner Interview on 'Today'
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NBC has come under fire for skipping the 9/11 moment of silence to air an interview with Kris Jenner on "Today". Defending the decision, a spokesperson for the network says in a statement, "The 'Today' show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11th coverage this morning throughout the entire show."

"Today" indeed inserted an extensive 9/11 coverage throughout the morning. It featured an interview with a World Trade Center survivor earlier in the episode and a segment talking about memories of the event.

However, when other broadcast networks namely ABC and CBS cut their programs to air live coverage of the memorial led by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in Washington D.C., and the NYPD, FDNY and Port Authority Police in New York City, "Today" chose to show Savannah Guthrie interviewing the Kardashian matriarch. The host asked the reality TV star about televised breast augmentation, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" finale, and Kim Kardashian's relationship with Kanye West.

Still, NBC pointed out that it aired the moment of silence during its West Coast broadcast. The network's local affiliate WNBC-4, moreover, cut the "Today" show to air its self-produced special coverage to commemorate the victims of the 9/11 attack.


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posted by Amanda Brandy on Sep 14, 2012
GMA rocks! NBC's Matt Lauer is old and irrelevant. He is condescending and projects himself as so much better than America. Savannah sucks. Sheesh NBC get over it and pay Lauer off. Remove the old-timers and improve ratings. Kathie Lee Gifford should be the new Matt Lauer. She is current, relevant. Her kids relate to mine, and bring Hoda K. along too -- they will save the Today Show, NOT matt lauer... he is old and outdated and played a roll in removing Ann Curry. Matt is to blame for your ratings failures. Matt's choice of Savannah was terrible. Who is in charge at NBC? Matt "sucks" lauer...yuck. Not my cup of tea anymore; going to ABC and NBC or whatever Oprah has on her new station. NBC is old and yucky!
posted by Roxanne on Sep 13, 2012
UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL...i guess were falling
posted by physco on Sep 12, 2012
Sad TODAY used to be such a good show. It was for yrs and yrs. Now everyone is jumping ship and the ship just keeps sinking. Sad to see boobs on some idiot is more important then a nation holiday as well as tragedy. TODAY just 1 quest WTF were you thinking? Seriously? I am done, never again, and thanks but NO thanks!
posted by mary on Sep 12, 2012
posted by David2233 on Sep 12, 2012
How dare they! A devastating national tragedy occurred on September 11 and all those bastards want to air is kris Jenner talking about her boobs when they and she is fake as hell. Never will watch today again!!!!!!!!!
posted by Really on Sep 12, 2012
NBC - No Broadcast Conscience
posted by dave p on Sep 12, 2012
The Kardashians JUST CAN'T WAIT, can they, NBC?? Their every move is so important to the losers who watch their lame lives every week.
posted by KrisJen on Sep 12, 2012
Kris Jenner has no shame.
posted by Victor on Sep 11, 2012
What's a "Today Show"? Heck, what's a "Kardashian" ? :-|
posted by ginettev on Sep 11, 2012
as a country we celebrate STUPIDITY instead of remembering all the lives lost on 9/11....
posted by Prosperare on Sep 11, 2012
"Today" is so yesterday. Goodbye NBC.
posted by SillyWilly on Sep 11, 2012
It is the Today Show's prerogative to decide what it will and won't air on its show. It can make its own decisions based solely on what it thinks is right for it. By the same token, of course, it is my prerogative to decide what I will and won't watch on TV, and I positively guarantee that it won't ever include The Today Show. I made my decision based on the empty-minded stupidity of the Producer, the Director and the Hostess - each of whom (at some point) approved the decision to decline the opportunity to participate in a moment of silence on September 11th. How very pathetic. The worst part is that the decision was related to someone's boobs. This Jenner person has no impact on anything (other than her own pocketbook). She has no redeeming social value and is merely a sideshow attraction to those with only half a brain. The real question here is: Who was the tool who decided it was a good idea to skip the moment of silence in favor of airing a segment on Kris Jenner's boobs???
posted by mtyoung on Sep 11, 2012
That's why GMA is the #1 show
posted by Goodbye, NBC on Sep 11, 2012
Dead and buried. Irretrievably.
posted by Goodbye, NBC on Sep 11, 2012
Goodbye, NBC. You're dead to me.
posted by Goodbye, NBC on Sep 11, 2012
There's a reason NBC is on the hind nipple of the ratings pig... The American public has zero respect for their programming, liberal 'media elite' news bias, and now, this. NBC - You're dead to me.
posted by HJP23 on Sep 11, 2012
Why would any reputable show air a Kardashian interview anyway. Those folks are revolting!
posted by Kanakagirl on Sep 11, 2012
The Today Show is history with my family and friends. You think boobs on an over-the-hill dummy who thinks selling her daughters' honor is okay if it involves money. Today is Yesterday. No more.
posted by curtprebby on Sep 11, 2012
Ridiculous. Kris Jenner is a bigger fame whore than her daughter is. To talk about a book job instead of 9-11? Goodbye, TODAY show, hello GMA.
posted by LT on Sep 11, 2012
Shame on you NBC!How dare you guys!?!? I agree with you Mayu, if it wasn't for KK making that sex tape, she and the entire darn family would be NOTHING! A bunch of scums, no class idiots. Today and everyday we should always think about the victims and all those involved on 9/11 eleven years ago. Just one day and NBC made a very poor decision to air Kris Jenner? Really? Shame on you NBC!!!!
posted by nbcyourscum on Sep 11, 2012
Wow what pathetic station. Whoever made this decision should be fired. I hope NBC loses sponsors and advertising. Such a slap in the face to the victims and survivors.
posted by Kidabra on Sep 11, 2012
Get over it, it was a decade ago and didn't affect you. We should have a moment of silence for all the rights the government took away from us due to sept 11th. It's not far fetched anymore to know 9/11 was total BS.
posted by ch on Sep 11, 2012
It was my day off and I tuned in to NBC just after 8:30 to watch the 9/11 remembrance. I couldn't believe they skipped right through it with that disgusting interview. The very least they could have done was observe the moment of silence. I seldom watch the Today show and as of TODAY this show will never be tuned in on my television set again. Shame on you NBC. You have no class!
posted by Moira on Sep 11, 2012
This is it for the Today show in my house. No more. I hope that the person who made this programming decision sleeps well tonight.
posted by Pissed Off on Sep 11, 2012
You guys suck.
posted by Boisebabe on Sep 11, 2012
Today, I have been faithful to you since 1972, but I'm breaking up with you. It's not me, it's you. Too bad you think Kris Jenner's boobs are that newsworthy.
posted by Gribble on Sep 11, 2012
I like Obama.
posted by drew on Sep 11, 2012
Keep the Sheeple Sleeping
posted by Willieinri on Sep 11, 2012
I dont understand the fuss about this, what ever could be more important than Kris Jenner talking about what laundry detergent she is allergic to ! NBC and the Today show are the pits. Between all the graphic pop ups obscuring whatever image is on the screen and the screaming fans and music blocking out the conversations and anything being said, there is no point in watching this program anymore. They should be ashamed, very very ashamed of themselves.
posted by bmovie on Sep 11, 2012
N Boob C thinks boobs are more important than 3,000 dead and more who have died fighting or were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
posted by Mayu on Sep 11, 2012
I don't care if you devote 100 days to talking 9/11... you still observe the moment of silence. The point is to take a moment to remember the innocent who lost their lives and the heroes who sacrificed their lives. You just do it. Instead they felt, "lets talk about fake t*ts with a fame wh*re whose only famous cause her daughter was a spoiled rich girl who couldn't keep her legs closed." had KK not made that sex tape... Kris Jenner would just be a nobody married to a former Olympian. Reality stars who are what they are because of sex and daddy's money should not trump the moment of respect we show 9/11 victims and their surviving family members.
posted by Norcaldork on Sep 11, 2012
Don't really watch the "Yesterday" show much anyway... This put the nail in the coffin for me.

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