Nancy Grace Calls Amanda Knox Acquittal 'Miscarriage of Justice'

October 05, 2011 06:49:34 GMT

Newly-freed Amanda herself has arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday, October 4 evening and said at a news conference she's really overwhelmed to be back home.

Nancy Grace Calls Amanda Knox Acquittal 'Miscarriage of Justice'
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Several Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter on Monday, October 3 to congratulate Amanda Knox for being cleared of murdering British roommate Meredith Kercher, but Nancy Grace apparently doesn't share mutual feeling. In fact, the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant thought that the 24-year-old's acquittal is a "miscarriage of justice".

After performing waltz on "DWTS" on Monday night, the HLN host told Access Hollywood, "I was very disturbed, because I think it is a huge miscarriage of justice." She explained, "I believe that while Amanda Knox did not wield the knife herself, I think that she was there, with her boyfriend, and that he did the deed, and that she egged him on. That's what I think happened."

"I think that people in general, including myself, want to believe good about other people and the population wants to believe that Amanda Knox is innocent," the 51-year-old legal commenter added. "They want to believe that and I don't blame them. I'd like to believe it too, I just happen to know the facts."

Although she voiced similar opinion when speaking to PEOPLE that same night, Nancy shared what she would like to see from Amanda after being freed. "I only hope that Ms. Knox makes something of her life now because she's certainly been given a second chance," she said. "Very few people are given the chance that she has been given today."

Amanda was a University of Washington student studying abroad in Perugia, Italy at the time of Meredith's murder in 2007. She and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of the murder in 2009, with her facing a sentence of 26 years in prison. After spending the last four years in an Italian prison, the appeals court threw out her murder conviction on Monday.

After leaving Perugia's Capanne prison on Monday night, the former exchange student flew from Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport to London on Tuesday, October 4 morning and arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport later that evening. At a press conference held shortly after her arrival back in the States, she looked visibly emotional and shaking while admitting she's "really overwhelmed right now".

To cheering friends and supporters, Amanda said with a trembled voice, "I was looking down from the airplane, and it seemed like everything wasn't real." She added, "What's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. My family is the most important thing to me right now and I just want to go and be with them, so thank you for being there for me."


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posted by misc on Oct 12, 2011
She's simply out for the money so people will tune in to her show and hear hear reasons why she believes this crazy idea. Negativity sells. It's that simple. I can't stand Nancy Grace. She is a dis"Grace!!!!"
posted by knock on Oct 08, 2011
Nancy Grace is right on this one there was three person there but only one get blame
posted by Wario345 on Oct 08, 2011
This fat, arrogant, uppity, former prosecutor needs to shut her mouth and not stick her unusually large nose in places it doesn't belong!
posted by alismitt on Oct 08, 2011
Nancy is an idiot. she takes one thing she herself hears in the media and presents it as the ultimate truth. she kept saying caylee was found with a heart sticker directly over her mouth on the duct tape. not true. and michael jackson was found in his own urine. also not true. so she likes the italian prosecutors story about a sex orgy. also not true. the girl was raped and murdered like so many other women by a lone male. easy.
posted by Linz on Oct 07, 2011
Nancy thinks everyone is guilty. She has been wrong before and is wrong now. I would like to hear her explanation for the lack of DNA evidence (for Amanda and her boyfriend) at the crime scene and on the victim. If her boyfriend did it, why wasn't his DNA found then? and she egged him on? give me a break...did Nancy really say this?? and sorry but there wasn't blood all over the bathroom...please don't over exaggerate
posted by dmt52 on Oct 07, 2011
Fancy Nancy needs to shutty uppy her mouth! How about a lawsuit for defamation?? And lets vote her off DWTS already!!
posted by question on Oct 07, 2011
What drugs were the using?
posted by Jeff on Oct 07, 2011
What's Nancy Grace's problem? She doesn't think that it's perfectly reasonable that someone who came home to find the front door ajar, blood splattered all over a bathroom, a bedroom ransacked, a window smashed, and a roommate unexpectedly missing wouldn't bother to either call the police or the roommate whose bedroom had been ransacked? Seriously? I bet none of us would even be tempted for an instant to call the police in a situation like that.
posted by MaryMcQuire on Oct 06, 2011
I think Nancy Grace is guilty of too much ego. Who gives a crap what this self-important woman thinks. It is another example how gullible our society is to give any credence to this ridiculous woman. What she does is exploitative and totally distasteful.
posted by Mollser on Oct 06, 2011
Nancy Grace should keep her mouth shut and nipples covered up.
posted by FoolsGold on Oct 06, 2011
Rudy Guede, a low-life burglar and drug dealer, killed Meredith Kercher alone and unaided, then fled to Germany. The Kercher's well funded media campaign should not cause any doubts about this.
posted by J P on Oct 06, 2011
Amanda was exonerated in a court of law. The Italian justice system is set up to deal with the Mafia and is immensely harsh, as most Mafiosi get released as witnesses retract evidence. The "Innocent on Appeal" system is designed to ensure that the Mafia spend some time in prison. In just about any other 1st world court Amanda would not have even been placed on trial. Nancy is unwilling to admit that she is wrong. Amanda was always innocent, and is, in point of fact, lucky not to have been murdered by Guede.
posted by NancyDisGrace on Oct 06, 2011
Reminds me of Scott Peterson... Nancy knew it all - regardless that the facts told a different story.
posted by Ehud Avni on Oct 06, 2011
Fatty Grace should have teamed up with Rex Ryan on DWTS. Which one would get the last word in? If she says everyone is guilty, she'll get something right a percentage of the time. She was a former prosecutor, with the job of putting everyone in front of her in jail, guilty or not. How many innocent people do you think she was responsible for putting behind bars? I pity her kids when they are old enough to understand how screwed up she is.
posted by ThisIsNotJoe on Oct 06, 2011
Hey, Nancy Grace, keep YOUR perverted murder fantasies to yourself. You ought to be locked in an institution somewhere.
posted by heart214 on Oct 06, 2011
Nancy know's the facts - really???? well then let's hear them - point by point! Remember Nancy, facts, not your reality !!!!
posted by Jorge on Oct 05, 2011
Shut up you old FART!
posted by diligentinquirer on Oct 05, 2011
I do not listen to very obvious frauds like Nancy Grace. That is where her interest in money acquisition abruptly ends. Just don't let her sell her fraudulent goods
posted by AV on Oct 05, 2011
I'm surprised most observers can't see that Nancy Grace has a mental illness.
posted by Anon on Oct 05, 2011
posted by smoker420 on Oct 05, 2011
As a pot-head, would people stop asking "what has she been smoking"? She hasn't been smoking anything. Marijuana doesn't turn you into a stupid, ignorant, old fart.
posted by shesunethical on Oct 05, 2011
Bell v. State, 263 Ga. 776 (1994). Stephens v. Hall, 407 F.3d 1195, 1202 (11th Cir. 2005).
posted by Opinionated on Oct 05, 2011
Nancy I was with you all the way with Casey Anthony but you are getting this one wrong! They have the right person in jail and it is Rudy G. period. End of story.
posted by badself on Oct 05, 2011
She knows the facts? Really? Well she's the only one then. The judges and the jury members heard it all from scientists and witnesses yet fat-Nancy knows the facts. She is an uneducated bulldog. Of course she'll say something stupid. She can't help it.
posted by Narwagner on Oct 05, 2011
How could Amanda have been there? The police found zero evidence that she was in the room. The prosecution admits that. Meanwhile, Rudy's dna was all over the room. Nancy, you haven't been keeping up with this case. Do your research before you form opinions.
posted by Richard Lowenherz on Oct 05, 2011
Nancy Grace's instincts are good. Moreover I have been told she really does know the facts in this case.
posted by Thumper on Oct 05, 2011
It doesn't matter what Nancy Grace thinks. A court of law found Amanda Knox innocent.
posted by wtf on Oct 05, 2011
I find myself wishing Nancy Grace was Rudy's roomate.
posted by jojo2012 on Oct 05, 2011
Nancy Grace is a vile, stupid woman. The only people stupider than Nancy are the people who watch her show.
posted by jenay b on Oct 05, 2011
What has Nancy Grace been smoking?
posted by KCF on Oct 05, 2011
Well, I'm done watching Ms. Grace's show now. I doubt she'll miss one viewer, but perhaps there are others soon to follow. Ms. Grace either needs a better Research Staff, or needs to do less dancing & more reading.
posted by LibelFreeZone on Oct 05, 2011
Nasty DisGrace is certifiably insane. There was only ONE SET of footprints in the death room. ONE SET of fingerprints in the death room. ONE MALE'S semen in the victim. That one person is Rudey Guede, and he's in prison right now for the crime. Nasty DisGrace, your time on the national stage is so over. Exit right, you nipple ninny.
posted by David on Oct 05, 2011
I'm sorry, you have the facts? I didn't know you were there. The name Nancy Grace never came up. I think you did it Nancy Grace. That is a fact!
posted by SayWhat? on Oct 05, 2011
Even if Amanda was there, I cannot believe she would be involved in a brutal murder when her history is squeeky clean. People that are involved in murders have a demented past or motive. I suspect she might have been there doing drugs with all of them and then after they all retired to their separate rooms, Rudy went into a violent rampage. One thing I know for sure is that Nancy Grace is not stupid. Even negative publicity is still publicity. She is making this up just like she is claiming that she did not have a wardrobe malfunction on DWTS. Puleassssse!!!!
posted by Dan G on Oct 05, 2011
We all know why she is no longer a lawyer if she can make a statement like this. I wouldn't hire her as a lawyer if she can present facts like this! Stupid people these days!
posted by Vdrumright on Oct 05, 2011
Her dancing is a miscarriage of justice.
posted by Nancy is mentally re on Oct 05, 2011
She probably thinks Amanda Knox is the Green River killer too. I am all for people having jobs, but this lady should be cleaning 711 bathrooms, no disrespect meant to those that presently have that job.
posted by RachelMarck on Oct 05, 2011
All I ever do is hear her scream. None of the evidence I saw said any of this...she is so obnoxious
posted by Wolfenstein on Oct 05, 2011
I totally agree w/Nancy. Besides, she is not an old fart!
posted by Maxim on Oct 05, 2011
Nancy Grace is cleverly cashing on the New Racism so fashionable in California circles: the notion that blacks are never guilty and all guilt resides with whites covering their tracks by blaming blacks for white evil. M.C.Gurnemanz, PhD
posted by meggawhat? on Oct 05, 2011
Nancy thinks everyone is guilty. Remember the runaway bride story? Nancy was on tv saying that the husband probably killed her and you can tell by is shifty eyes and weird behavior. Bride showed up a couple of days later. Did Nancy apologize to the man she slandered? nope. Nancy is a coward liar.

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