Kelly Osbourne: Lady GaGa's Jo Calderone Copies Annie Lennox

August 31, 2011 04:46:59 GMT

Osbourne noticed the similarities between GaGa's male alter-ego at the Sunday's MTV VMA and Lennox's at the Grammy Awards more than two decades ago.

Kelly Osbourne: Lady GaGa's Jo Calderone Copies Annie Lennox
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Lady GaGa's Jo Calderone is still the talk of the town a couple of days after she appeared as her male alter-ego at MTV Video Music Awards. One person disagrees that the singer was original in her concept of drag, saying she copied Annie Lennox's idea.

Kelly Osbourne commented on the similarities via Twitter, writing "I love lady gaga but I wish she would start giving credit where credit is due!" Osbourne linked a video of Lennox performing her hit "Sweet Dreams" at the Grammy Awards back in 1984.

This is not the first time GaGa is accused of ripping other people's ideas. Her hit "Born This Way" is deemed too similar to Madonna's "Express" and her mermaid-in-wheelchair act reminds people of Bette Midler's stage performance. "Madonna, Bette Midler, Annie Lennox! Does Gaga have any ideas of her own or is she hoping everyone is too young to remember the originals?" a Twitter user commented.

GaGa has not responded but not everybody is against her move. The LGBT community applauded her bold decision to remain as Jo throughout the awards show. "I thought it was great," John Polly, editor of Logo's pop culture blog NewNowNext.com told MTV News. "Gender issues are often the most challenging for people, so I liked that she dove into it and stuck with it throughout the show."

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posted by blahblahgaga on Sep 18, 2012
Eh kelly is correct. what gaga does - has been done and done better. some think she is a genius, including herself, for nothing but rehash. go check out some new wave/gothic/punk 80's vids. it's all there. or check out Bjork's long musical career and stage presence to see what real genius is.
posted by Bitch Needs To Get S on Sep 01, 2011
I've always like Kelly, but after this shit?! Are you kidding me? Gaga has had Jo out for a long time since about september 2010... Canger is right.. Lennox just threw a fucking wig on and was like oh lets go... Kelly O. you need to be slapped!!!
posted by Chuckjones on Aug 31, 2011
Excuse me, but Bette Midler didn't invent or copyright mermaids, nor did Annie Lenox do that with gender bending. Good grief. As for Madonna (the subject of many copyright lawsuits - it goes with the territory), her Express Yourself - to my ears - is quite distinct from Born this Way, a great song that sends a great message.
posted by Canger on Aug 31, 2011
Aside from the hair is there really a similarity? Gaga had a whole performing arts peice attached to her character. Lennox threw on sideburns...

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