'Lopez Tonight' Cancelled After Two Seasons, Stars Tweet for Support

August 11, 2011 03:50:30 GMT

After TBS makes the difficult decision not to order a third season of George Lopez's talk show, 'Rizzoli and Isles' star Angie Harmon tweets, 'I'm BUMMED!!'

'Lopez Tonight' Cancelled After Two Seasons, Stars Tweet for Support
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A Thursday (August 11) episode will be the last for "Lopez Tonight". TBS has announced its decision to cancel the George Lopez-hosted late night show on Wednesday, August 10. "TBS has reached the difficult decision not to order a third season of Lopez Tonight," so the network said in a statement.

"We are proud to have partnered with George Lopez, who is an immensely talented comedian and entertainer," it was added. "TBS has valued its partnership with George and appreciates all of his work on behalf of the network, both on and off the air."

Soon after the news hit the headlines, some celebrities have sounded off their disappointment. Angie Harmon, one of the lead actresses on "Rizzoli & Isles", tweeted, "I'm BUMMED!! I was looking forward to doing your show on Monday!!"

Holly Robinson Peete, the co-host of CBS' talk show "The Talk", was even bolder in her comment. "NOOOOOO BOOOOO!" she wrote in response to the news about the cancellation. Meanwhile, comedienne Roseanne Barr seemingly offered a consolation by tweeting, "so sorry to hear of your cancellation--you are great!"

"Lopez Tonight" dropped 40% in viewership in its second season, averaging 546,000 viewers nightly. Last year, it was pushed back to a later time slot to accomodate Conan O'Brien's talk show "CONAN" which has averaged 1 million viewers in the 11 P.M. slot since debuting in 2010.

Instead of blaming O'Brien's show for "Lopez" rating drop, insiders reportedly thought that Lopez's show might have been axed sooner if O'Brien had not joined the network.


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posted by jack on Aug 16, 2011
What if Conan took the midnight time slot instead of George?
posted by jca on Aug 15, 2011
Es gacho!!!
posted by white 60 nomal USC m on Aug 12, 2011
Conan is awful. I only watch Lopez, not other talk show
posted by crazyLola on Aug 12, 2011
this fucken sucks because george lopez is funny and conan is terrible. george represnts the latino pride. i hate tbs!!!!
posted by YoureAllRacist on Aug 12, 2011
WOW, what is going on here? First of all, the guy above who wrote, "Don't Trust Whitey"---are you kidding me? That's unbelievably racist; what the Hell is wrong with you? Second, anyone who claims that Lopez got all the best guests, you DO realize that 99% of them were always on Conan's show the night before, right? Check the schedules of the last 6 months, almost every single guest on Lopez was just a repeat of their visit the night before. And last, don't blame Conan for Lopez's departure. Pulling the race card every time something doesn't go your way should be considered a hate crime. Fact is, Lopez wasn't doing well last year, and TBS wanted to boost his lead-in with someone who was getting a LOT of attention at the time, it only made sense. Either way, Lopez would've been dropped eventually. I don't think the guy is funny, but you're entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately for him, most TV viewers tastes are more like mine than yours. Best of luck to him.
posted by that guy on Aug 12, 2011
good riddens dudes same ass repetive pro latino attitude was annoying as fuck, and his jokes blew even harder were the crowd cheered him instead of laughing cause of how much they love sucking his balls
posted by FRED AMESQUITA on Aug 12, 2011
TBS is losing A great bad for them.12 midnight was to late for me. I loved when his show was on 11pm.If I wanted to see george lopez I would watch him on Demand.TBS you should fix this. put Lopez Tonight back on. or change him to a other network..
posted by Afrocentric on Aug 12, 2011
seriously this is BULL i am like George's biggest black fan i dont even watch tyler perry's shows on TBS cause TBS sucks. Lopez Tonight is the only reason i watched TBS. this channel is gonna go down in fkmaes because you just cancelled your only leading smdfh
posted by DimeGio on Aug 12, 2011
ColoradoGirl why dont you stick ur finger up your ass OMG! LOL As GLo would said! Your Rock George!
posted by ColoradoGirl on Aug 11, 2011
Lopez deserved this - he's a liberal racist and that's why no matter HOW funny he might be - normal people will not watch him any more!
posted by j maine on Aug 11, 2011
This is the worst. Lopez is hilarious. Conan's show is awful. Will never be the same as his late night gig with the peacock.
posted by papi on Aug 11, 2011
fuck you connan!!!!!!
posted by me on Aug 11, 2011
People who are crying about diversity on cable tv are tarded... Did everyone forget about "In Living Color"? Tards...
posted by Damn on Aug 11, 2011
Whats that saying "Don't trust "Whitey".Have you ever watched Conan? he's not funny and his guests suck. Lopez always had the best guests and jokes that made fun of stereotypes "Hilarious" by the way, how is Kimmel still on for that matter?!
posted by margarita on Aug 11, 2011
this is the worst thing ever. TBS will never be the same. is that stupid show conan that lopez tonight is getting cancelled
posted by mamma on Aug 11, 2011
that's bull they are gonna loose a great! show george lopez rocks! he's the best
posted by stop blaming racism on Aug 11, 2011
Did anyone here miss the ratings information above? George lopez's show didn't have enough viewers!!! That's the bottom line! So stop blaming racism, and grow up!
posted by mearellano on Aug 11, 2011
This sucks , we finally had a Diversity shown on Cable. And now this. I guess Conan was Just a Strategy to push Latinos away. I'm done w/ "TBS" won't be watching it no more. What more could they ask for George is Hilarious and real and says how it is. You just sank your ship TBS : Not Funny at all. George , hang in there you'll be back ...
posted by cjac on Aug 11, 2011
You people do realize that Lopez's show would have been canceled after one season had TBS not hired Conan, right?
posted by Krissn on Aug 11, 2011
Worst desicion..!!! TBS sucks camel dicks
posted by liam on Aug 11, 2011
lopez had THE hottest audience, guests and best jokes by far TBS is crazy
posted by El Silent 1 on Aug 11, 2011
F*ck that!!!! TBS is wrong. GLO represents us Chicanos as a whole. We will miss you George.
posted by MAC on Aug 11, 2011
George Lopez represents Chicanos? I guess that explains it all.
posted by ddailey on Aug 11, 2011
Wow this sucks!!!! George lopez not just represents the Spanish culture he represents use as people to let go and have fun to be urself. We love u george lopez no matter what I know u will be successful in life ur the best. Never watching tbs such a low blow.!!!!!
posted by roger on Aug 11, 2011
This is bullship conans a clown and its insulting to our intellignce as people to watch his lame a$$ antics. GLo shud hav jus stayed in his original time slot. Won't b watching conan ever
posted by candacerain on Aug 11, 2011
No longer watching TBS!! Ever!

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