Producer of Leona Lewis' 'Collide' Responds to Plagiarism Rumor

July 16, 2011 03:59:35 GMT

Sandy Vee tells people to stop spreading baseless rumor by writing on Twitter, 'Check the credits, u will find Tim Berg, Autumn and I.'

Leona Lewis
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Leona Lewis has recently dropped a fresh dance track called "Collide", but the release was marred with accusation that the song was a rip-off. It was reported that the new single was a copy of another up-beat track called "Penguin" by up-and-coming Swedish DJ Avicii aka Tim Berg.

"Collide" is produced by Sandy Vee and written by Autumn Rowe. Fuming over the plagiarism allegation, Sandy wrote on his Twitter to slam those spreading the rumor. "Talk only if you know what u r talking about....if not shut up. FYI , check the credits, u will find Tim Berg, Autumn and I," he tweeted.

The copycat rumor was first run exclusively by Digital Spy. "Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Scott Mills have been playing 'Penguin' for months now, but this week we've realized Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis have stolen our record. 'Collide' is identical to Avicii's track!" a source told the publication.

While Sandy has already responded to the plagiarism rumor, Leona herself still kept silent. Instead of throwing a rant, the former "The X Factor" winner focused on those being supportive. "Sending everyone love and big bunny hugs! Thank u for all the support and love on here! Hope u enjoy #collide let the summer fun begin! xxx," she wrote.




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posted by Anon2 on Jul 16, 2011
Joan, Simon Jeffes is dead but he still has heirs & an estate that would control rights to his music. Avicii got the proper clearances for his song. Too bad Leona Lewis didn't even bother to ask Avicii's permission to use his song.
posted by lazyjay13 on Jul 16, 2011
Amen to that, Aias. Well said.
posted by joan on Jul 16, 2011
Simon Jeffes (Crawley, UK, 19 February 1949 Ė 11 December 1997) Avicii must be real talented....I think there is another story not being told here!!!
posted by Anon on Jul 16, 2011
"Aviciiís sample of the melody from the orchestra was cleared with the man who wrote it, Simon Jeffes." That's odd. Simon Jeffes died 14 years ago. How did Avicii clear the melody from a man who is no longer with us?
posted by Aias on Jul 16, 2011
There is a very big difference between sampling and stealing. Aviciiís sample of the melody from the orchestra was cleared with the man who wrote it, Simon Jeffes. Leona Lewis did not get anything approved by Avicii or his manager before stealing Penguin. Furthermore, sampling means that altering will be made to the track - although the melody of Perpetuum Mobile and Penguin are consistent, the piano and violin notes have been replaced by electronic sounds, courtesy of Avicii, Leona Lewisí track uses Penguin in such a way that Aviciiís exact production runs in the background while her vocals mask the intricately positioned electronic sound. Furthermore, that she would put her single out on release before Avicii has even had a chance to officially release it is even more disrespectful. Just because it happens a lot in the industry doesnít do the incident justice. Just because thereís no official branding on the song doesnít make it hers, especially when it has already been broadcast worldwide on the radio under Aviciiís name and played at various events and clubs for many months by Avicii and other DJs (all who have given due credit to Avicii).

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